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  1. Emmzzi - you are correct! I'd never actually done the maths like that, I think in the past (I've been there for 5 years, company going for about 9), there was only ever 8 drivers, and even now most of them don't take all their holiday entitlement each year historically anyway because of this culture of "presenteeism" and the natural replaceability of old hairy-ass drivers like ourselves. Unfortunately people like me/us are a dime a dozen to management.... Complain too much, off you pop and there are a thousand more like you to replace you, so be grateful and keep schtum.
  2. Appreciate the opinion Ericsbrother thanks. It's one of those situations where I can be right yet still lose out. I'll certainly get him to put his refusal in writing though. It's also difficult because his policy is "only one driver can be off at any one time for holiday". Fair enough, I understand why. However, if that means there aren't physically enough days left in the year for all 12ish drivers to take their entitlement before year end, then it becomes problematic. My request for last week in August has been refused because there's already a driver b
  3. I'd like to take the last week in August as holiday to visit my friend. I'd understand if this particular week was problematic for boss. However 3 weeks before that, and 5 weeks after it are also "no go" either, so I'm at a loss how to move forward.
  4. thanks again for the links, Sue. I'll look at Acas, I just don't want to have to escalate what should be such a simple thing to arbitration levels. I was hoping for a response which was (perhaps naively) "No he can't do it, and here's the law why..." Anyone? Failing that, as any week from end of August is equally as unavailable as any other until mid Nov, if I go to the boss and say when can I take my 25 days please, and he can't factor them in to his calendar, what would happen if he refuses to put that in writing. Do I hold the pen in his hand, van keys pressed into h
  5. As an aside, I've never understood this from management - it may be correct legally but situations like this just p*ss away all the goodwill amongst us "underlings" to such an extent that whenever overtime is needed or help required it just makes me/us think - "do you know what, no!" I'll never understand that. Such a small thing for them, yet would give us such a feeling of loyalty and willingness to help out. Anyway, all that's just me tilting at windmills. My immediate problem is how to get what I need without turning it into a d*ck-swinging contest that I'll always
  6. Thanks Sue, we cross-posted. Yes this is 100% to do with the Covid situation. I've taken 4 days annual leave out of my entitlement this year back in February before it all happened. Which, after 5 years service leaves me with around 25 days remaining). Because no one was allowed to take any holiday due to either furlough or needs of business (as we are technically key workers), it means that 12 drivers are left with 4 months to use up an impossible amount of holi-days. No problem if they'd pay in lieu or carry over, however the head office has decided in their infinite wisdom that all holiday
  7. Fair point - none of us drivers belong to a union, my understanding is they only help "after the event"? IE/ no point me joining now to ask for advice? Without giving too much away, my company is owned by a massive multi-national, so it's not a one man and his pony outfit. I'm quite certain I could "kick it upstairs" to more enlightened management and probably get my immediate problem sorted, however it would leave my relationship with my immediate boss in such a shiitty state as to be an even bigger problem. Does anyone have any legislation links to the exact issue of
  8. I tried that yesterday, hence my posting today - he said "not yet, not yet, I'm too busy at the moment, soon, soon, get out my face, etc!" He's quite a physically threatening man and I don't have the presence to put him to the question, in the moment, if you understand me. Why the issue has been forced in my mind is that I really need to take the last week in August off to visit a friend in France for important reasons. The calendar that week is already showing fully booked. (The calendar is fully booked anyway from 4th week in Aug pretty much straight through to middle
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'm sorry but I don't think I fully understand what you're suggesting. Are you saying that I should book my 25 days as a single chunk and when he naturally says "no way" I simply flip him the bird and say I'm doing it anyway? I'd love to do that, however, I imagine I'd be signing on for JSA the very next week?! The same if I book two days off every week until the end of the year. He'll simply refuse and say if I do that I'll be done for gross misconduct! What am I missing here? By my nature I'm not very adversarial anyway, and wou
  10. Hi, just as in the title really. Need some advice on my legal position please. I work in logistics as a driver. Been at the company for just shy of 5 years. Always had a good relationship with management. Enjoy the people/environment. However, a new logistics manager has recently started and seems to be determined to stamp his authority over everything no matter how small. I think the term is "micro-managing"? He changed the holiday protocol from a calendar on the office wall where we could add our names and then let manager know if ok, to a form which must be completed a
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