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  1. interesting. I have stop the weekly payment, will review CCA. I had a look on Karma and similar pattern to the other records I seen. Thank you
  2. I suspect I will study the latest info as I not been on a site like this for a long while... way I look at it is if I owe something I should pay it back to get my credit in shape. Yes 6th birthday is likely, but when you used to look at the reports, you would see it marked as 'default' for each month regardless if paid or not, maybe I am miss-reading as I have been paying and is up to date. I always presumed that the last month was registered as a default and the six years would be from there.
  3. I just arrived here to try and work out what is happening to me, could be the Pandemic is the reason. I have access to Clear Score and MSE Credit Club which I think use the same data, I have been on previous 'free' systems until they closed down. I used to use them to see how much I still owe, that was useful. I had a mountain of debt but over last 4-5 years I been getting them down to two left. My biggest one is with Natwest who them let it go to another and then Caboot. It's no longer on my file as of last month, why? I don't get it. The only ot
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