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  1. Today i realize it also affects ESA. What a nightmare as it was my panic that caused it the irony.
  2. I applied for mandatory reconsideration and explained the situation & said that it will be looked again at by another health care professional which i guess is all i can do along with trying to get a gp letter which is difficult at the mo.. Any advice on anything else i should do please? Regards Tumilty
  3. Hi and thanks No it was out of the blue the call in October, no message or letter etc.. They called mi families number, maybe I added that as I hate unknown calls so phone usually on answerphone.
  4. Hi I am receipt of PIP standard rate. Early October a got a call from a health professional on my parents landline i wasn't expecting and panicked and didn't answer questions properly how i would in person or via a form. They wrote back saying they were stopping my PIP scoring me 4 pts, saying i engaged well with the assessor etc & a few things that were wrong probably due to me being me on the phone. A family member will call for me tomorrow about the Mandatory Reconsideration, i was just wondering how successful this is as there's a few things they wrote back to me saying that aren't true, mostly my fault. Also the appeal, is this something where i can question the points awarded to me. Many thanks Tumilty
  5. I can't find anywhere that says that of Nov 16th HSBC have stopped cards for the Flex savings account. For those without Internet banking it would be impossible to take out cash from that account as would have to transfer monies to current account. Can anyone find anything please? Thanks
  6. some go into flexi & some into current but i get your point, makes sense in ways i suppose although i liked the 2 cards for each account
  7. there seems no option than to transfer monies over to current account from flexi even though monies go into Flexi saver.. 1 less card if read rightly
  8. just a quick question regarding HSBC Flexi savings account without me having to start a new thread. My Flexi saver card was rejected & taken at the cash point, so i called HSBC & they said that since today there is no card for this account anymore and any money in that account that you want to take out by machine or spend via chip n pin/contactless, should be transferred to a current account.. Is this true. ? Many thanks
  9. Hi 45002 & thanks I've checked the inbox in HSBC account, gmail etc & nothing there.. She probably said i've been contacted in order to say i've had enough chances to pay higher monthly amounts so now it's too late so you've got to pay the lot. It's paid now, i guess there's not much more i can do i just wanted to pay a more affordable rate although if i'd seen emails i probably would've cooperated.
  10. Cheers, Andyorch i asked what the options were hoping there could be some kind of payment plan but no, felt a bit in a corner seeing as she could see my balances. Done now I suppose at least its out of way, family bank now to pay off. Dx100uk, yeah I panicked n asked options, I still can't find the email I've been sent reminding me.
  11. thanks Andyorch for that, a very informative read. It does still seem a tad harsh seeing as i have wiped a quarter of it off over the last 6 months by not using the card then for them to cancel the card on sites like Amazon etc but i admit i've only been paying just over the minimal amount per month so that's maybe it.. There was no other way of resolving the situation without paying the whole thing off, she even said i could take out a loan from a private loan company to pay it off, over £1300 which i would've hated to, i just feel for them who weren't as fortunate as me.
  12. thanks, apparently they've notified me ages ago but i don't know where, no messages when i login to intenet banking. I'm not living off credit i've had card for years , just linked up to amazon etc. Have the measures been a recent thing? The lady i talked to said they were. Did seem a bit drastic a measure as opposed to setting up a payment plan.. I'll check my junk mail.
  13. Hi Ive taken a quarter of my credit card debt off over last months but my card recently got stopped because i'd only been paying just over the minimal amount monthly. The lady at HSBC said that i'd need to pay off the entire debt on the card in order to lift the block on the card & that a new lay covering all banks has been implemented to encourage people to get out of card debt faster..i.e by cancelling their card. I offered to pay half but it wasn't acceptable. She said i've been emailed about recent changes in rules & regulations clamping down on folks with credit cards not paying enough off monthly but i've looked & see no emails.. My question is.. has there been recent changes & should i have been made to pay it all off to lift the bar on the card.. I had to borrow from family but not everyone would be luck if have to pay over £1000 in one go. Much appreciated Tumilty
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