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  1. Purchased an ipad from very . 4 weeks out of manufacturer warranty the item broke . APPLE would not replace ad it was out of warranty and said due to consumer rights may be able to get help from the retailer (VERY). Very wanted a report from Apple before they would go any further . Due to COVID the apple shops have only just opened i have got a report which states there is an internal fault ipad is in excellent condition with no signs of external damage . Very have said they will refund but less 20% because its been used . Is this right ? All I want is a replacement ite
  2. M10wew

    Guarantor loan

    Yes removing mine and guarantors plus removed charging order on guarantors house refunding payments that guarantor made (as they say shouldnt of paid ) leaving approx £1000 on the principle. Then say they are liable still for the remaining principle ? So why remove charging orders and pay them back if that's the case ... it makes no sense
  3. M10wew

    Guarantor loan

    It's like they make up their own rules . the account had defaulted and charging order placed on guarantors property and ccjs for both of us . Been paying reduced payments that the court set and have been for the last year. Affordability claim upheld and they said : all interest and fees removed charging order removed ccjs removed even paying the guarantor money back as they made a few payments on account BUT wont release them as guarantor as there is a bit of principle owing . its madness
  4. M10wew

    Guarantor loan

    I understand that but if the loan should never of been sold to me and the lender has admitted that shouldn't they release my gaurantor of any liability.
  5. M10wew

    Guarantor loan

    First time posting so forgive me if this in in the wrong place . I have had an affordability claim upheld by a lender with respect to a loan I had which required a guarantor. They admit to irresponsible lending but are refusing to release my guarantor as there is still an outstanding amount once all interest and fees removed. Surely due to the lenders errors in not checking my affordability at point of sale that any contracts are void especially my gaurantors why are they still been held liable Obviously I benefited from the loan so I should p
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