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  1. Well thank you for your time and I will get them
  2. I'm not with swift anymore. Does this mean that there isn’t much I can do other than pay them to have the charge removed???? The last paragraph on the land registry confuses me as I don’t actually know who the charge is with. Sorry for bothering you though, what other insurances other than ppi have they had on me
  3. The original loan was for £15000. I have to be honest I don’t know where the 2008 one has come from my memory doesn’t serve me right with that one. All I remember was that they rushed us in the office to do something but we didn’t lend anymore money off them. Sorry I know that doesn’t help you. I will upload the 2 credit agreements. The credit agreement they sent me which is the 2008 one is really hard to read. These are the original 2005 credit agreements and the 2008 documents are photocopies which welcome sent me. What is strange as well though is that on the 2005 credit agreement there wasn’t an account number But on the 2008 one there is. Don’t know if there is any significance to that. 2005 and 2008 documents with land registry.pdf I have reposted the documents
  4. I haven’t sent them a sar as I have most of the original documents myself, I just wanted welcome to send me the original credit document they had and they sent me the photocopy dated 2008 which isn’t what I asked for. The amount they are asking for is £22883.21 and also it’s a joint loan. I have the original credit agreement which is dated 28th feb 2005 and also the one they sent me 2008 of which you can hardly read.
  5. I have read many cases on progressive/welcome now coast and I understand I am not on my own with problems with these companies ,but I thought I would come on here and see if anybody has got anywhere trying to sort their debt out. We took out a secured loan with welcome in feb 2005. Cutting a long story short we have had a lot of problems with them and I have disputed the loan many times. I asked them for the original loan agreement and they sent me a credit agreement which I could hardly read but this was dated 2008. I understand now that they have gone bust and now coast have this debt. I have looked at my land registry and progressive put the charge on in 2005 and now the deed of variation mentions coast but also it says it’s in favour of progressive so I have no idea who has the charge on the property. Coast do send me annual statements but that’s it and I haven’t paid anything on this loan for a long time as welcome never provided me information to try and resolve it. We are wanting to move house but obviously can’t while this charge is on the property so we need to find somebody who has some expertise in this subject. Sorry if some of this doesn’t make sense.
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