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  1. Can anyone help me please. I was landlord for a house rented to an estate agents, having big problems with them as they have left my house in a terrible state and are saying most is 'wear and tear' but it really is in an awful state but I am elderly, have lack of support and in poor health, which they know, but need to action this and don't know where to go to get help, ombudsman, landlords guild etc? Thank you in advance for any advice.
  2. Could it be that if a landlord/agent wants you out, eventually they can. even if its because they raise the rent and I wouldn't be able to afford it?
  3. Oh dear, I really don't understand the legal part of things, I thought because I had lived here 11 years+ I was safe and would not be legal to just evict me if they just wanted to.
  4. What a relief to get your message, thank you all so much for your responses, so very much appreciated, thank you
  5. Hello everyone, I've just had a telephone conversation with the LL/agent and they have surprised me by agreeing to let me have an initial 12 month contract. Does that secure me for 12 months without being evicted, if that is the intention in the future.
  6. Thank you everyone for your advice. I am going to ask the LL/agent to please give me a 12 month initial contract and that will make me feel safer. I really don't want to move from here as very settled, no spring chicken and just got through cancer treatment and really worried about having to move out. I've a lot of support here.
  7. I have no arrears, never have, always paid my rent but I'm just worried for my future here. I was under the impression that I couldn't be evicted for no reason and that I was safe, so that is why I'm frightened to sign the new contract. Is it true that a landlord/agent cannot just evict to get another tenant to pay more rent?
  8. Hello, Initially I had a standard short term lease and put deposit with the landlord but after a year, he gave me back my deposit and he said he didn't worry about another new lease as he trusted me and so have been renting here for 10 years without a lease/contract and just paid my landlord rent.
  9. Can anybody advise me please? Been living in rented accommodation for over 11 years, old landlord who leased property with his shop has now left and so agents have become my new landlords, so gave me a new contract. I'm really nervous as not sure what my rights are and could I get evicted as new contract says short term, 6 months.
  10. Apologies, I've only just seen your post, but wanted to say thank you for your reply, it has certainly made me see the way forward.
  11. Thank you for your response, I've received an email as below 'The tenant has not vacated the property despite being served an NTQ which expired when your contract expired. The lockdown has meant that there has been a reduced number of properties that have been available or the tenant to move into and the local authority will not initiate proceedings until the tenant has refused an offer. All eviction are currently on hold until the 23.08.20 when a review will be completed by government to confirm if they can recommence. Once we know we will need to discuss and seek instruction on what action steps will be taken to give you vacant possession.' Does this mean I just have to wait and does the tenant have the right to refuse entry to possible buyers or for a valuation, as the tenant has caused big problems in the past not letting my representatives in as urgently need to sell.
  12. Good morning and apologies for the large post. Yes, I gave the required 3 month notice to the Estate Agents as they required Yes there is a paper trail as sent notice by registered post Elliot Leigh Estate Agents
  13. I have been renting my buy to let house to an agency for the past 3 years and gave notice beginning of November, as required, for the 3 month notice. I am now asking what stage is the process at and when will the tenants be moved on, and now nobody is responding to my calls and emails at all. The lovely chap who I signed with initially had assured me there will be no problems getting my house back as I explained to him I had been 'through the ringer' with previous tenants and courts, legal fees etc. and now am very ill and want to sell my property but nobody answering me, and notice given 3 months before lockdown, so shouldn't be any issues, but seems everyone gone quiet on me. I'm worried that the council tenants have not even been given notice. Does anybody have any experience with the 'guarantee rent' agencies?
  14. Can anybody advise me please? I am/was self employed but had to stop working as a self emplouyed carer due to covd and I'm considered vulnerable as having cancer treatment still. I am trying to find out if I have enough NI class 2 contributions for years 17/18 and 18/19 to be able to claim ESA but can't get the information I need as accountant is closed and I'd assumed (stupidly I think) that an accountant pays NI on my behalf, but when I tried to check with HMRC it shows 2017/2018 Year not full 2018/2019 Year not full but I can't find out if that means I'm outstanding NI contributions so not entitled to ESA and if I am outstanding NI class 2 payments, can I just pay it up then claim ESA? I'm so confused as I have paid 34 years of NI but not entitled to ESA if not paid up in full over them years.
  15. Hello Unclebulgaria 67 and London 1971, Thank you both so much for your replies, it cleared my confusion about the new rules. I am not entitled to Universal Credit due to asset or ESA as I was advised by the national insurance office about 4/5 years ago that as I had paid NI during all my previous years on PAYE, that I didn't have to pay and it was optional, I took the option not to pay anymore but didn't realise there would be consequences as not being able to get ESA now. I am in receipt of PIP as Macmillan applied for me and were successful and I am appreciative of that. I have been self employed for approximately 5/6 years and have submitted my tax returns via an accountant to HMRC. I'm hoping I get selected for the new payment in June. Kind regards
  16. I'm hoping someone can advise me please, I am a self employed person who is currently in isolation due to my health condition, cancer, so had to stop doing my job due to the virus outbreak and the possibility of contracting the virus and in isolation for the minimum 12 weeks at least, 4 of which I have already done. I am very confused as to my entitlements, as I thought the HMRC will pay in June, but thought there was a separate entitlement for the 80% of tax paid salary for self employment. Could anyone tell me if they are the same thing? Thank you for any advice
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