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  1. I have tried to fill out the feee remission online. However it is asking me for the Court form number. I guess I need to fill out Form N1 and then claim the fees after.
  2. Thanks Andy, I have downloaded the form N1, will fill it out tomorrow, still not sure whether to send it off straight away or wait to hear from Parcel2go. The courts are closed in the meanwhile, so I don't suppose it matters when I send it?? Thanks
  3. Thanks BankFodder, is it seven days from today or seven days from the start of the investigation, that I need to email them. I'm guessing it's seven days from the start of the investigation. I am on the Moneyclaim website. I need to fill a form and send it to the bulk processing centre, in Northampton (My place of birth) When shall I fill the form in to send to Moneyclaim? Is it after I send the Letter of claim? or 14 days after that? According to the website Moneyclaim have temporarily shut their contact office, so will not answer any phones or emails..
  4. So any thoughts on when to issue the letter of claim? Also what happens after I issue a letter of claim, do I wait for them to reply or do I start court proceedings? Thanks
  5. thanks Apologies if I sounded rude. My other question was how long should I wait to send a letter of claim? Also what is the stage, after I have sent this? Do i wait for a reply? in the letter do I state that they have an x amount of time to reply i.e 14 days? Thanks
  6. Yes I am declaring my income, my benefits are Disability related. However this is irrelevant to this matter
  7. Many thanks for your assistance in this matter. BankFodder is right, it is a part time business to support me whilst studying for my Law degree. I am an individual as such, not a business. My income is quite low too, as previously mentioned, I only make around £100 per laptop/Macbook sold. I am on benefits too, as I suffer from Bipolar Disorder. I was reading that as I am on benefits, I need not pay court fees. I also read that I would need to apply to the County Court directly and not commence legal proceedings online. How long am I requ
  8. Hi BankFodder Many thanks for your assistance in this matter. I have decided to commence County Court action against DPD/Parcel2go regarding the lost parcel. I would just like you to clarify whether which company you recommend me to commence legal proceedings against: Parcel2go. My contract was made via this company. Or DPD - This company undertook the contract and are the ones who lost the parcel. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind Regards Humza
  9. Hi I'm studying at London South Bank University. Sorry its a bit early for me, what I meant by setting a precedent was not for the courts to follow the decision but merely that my case will show that Parcel2go are unfairly charging parcel protection to its customers and it is possible to avoid this unfair cost. More of setting an example, rather than precedent.. Thanks
  10. Hi Bankfodder Many thanks for your message. I myself am a first year law student, so I can understand what you are implying. I feel that it is important to set a precedent to take them to the County Court small claims court. I am based in London, do you know whether I will be attending my local County Court or one local to Parcel2go or DPD. Also which company will I be bringing action against? DPD or Parcel2go? DPD are the ones who lost my parcel but I have a contract with Parcel2go. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind R
  11. I am an Ebay seller and have sold many laptops/Macbooks on Ebay. I have an urgent query, one of my recent sales was booked though parcel2go.co.uk to be delivered by DPD. The Macbook has been at the DPD Depot in Barking since the 18th of March, and is still there. I have started a claim on the 20th of March. The investigation was supposed to conclude today. I have noticed that Parcel2go have refunded the parcel cost, however the Macbook was sold for £1100. They are saying that I have not taken out Parcel Protection, which is true, so they are unable to cover me for the full loss.
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