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  1. I know, and that's the difficult bit. I really can't be less cryptic on a public forum.
  2. I'm asking this as a result of a recent experience as i know some of you are really knowledgeable about disciplinarys. I know it's going to sound a bit cryptic but here goes. without giving too much away, if a local authority staff member is caught somewhere they should not be, doing something they should not be doing (usually a criminal record) when confronted by a member of the public tells that member of public to F' off, makes derogatory remarks about them, then on camera gives them the middle finger (all backed by witness statement),
  3. I've been given the number for my council benefit advisor so I'll call them and see if i am able to get any further help. Thank you.
  4. That's a good point actually, i didn't even think of that. Thanks again.
  5. Well it seems i am getting the benefits they say i should be re council tax & UC.
  6. I've not, but ill go ant try that now. Thank you.
  7. I should add i am on the daily living component, not mobility yet.
  8. Hello, I've recently been awarded PIP for a degenerative condition that has worsened & I'm finding it entitles me to more help with things like council tax, but is there anything else i can now apply for or that i could be able to get more support with now I'm on PIP?
  9. This has been resolved now. I can't discuss the agreement but i am no longer tied to the employer & can move on. I have a settlement, my contract is over and i have a pre worded reference. Also an agreement not to pursue costs. I want to thank you all for the advice i was given. I have read a lot on here & i know in future to do things differently so it is more favourable for me. So many threads on here the OP didn't return to update which was frustrating as i really wanted to read the outcomes & didn't want to be another no show myself.
  10. I do. And i am. Thank you. I've spoken to an employment lawyer & he has pretty much echoed everything you've said. I think this is the best outcome i can hope for.
  11. I've just had a revised offer. They have agreed to pay an out of court settlement of £2,500 & termination of my contract. Not a great deal of course, but it means this could all be over & i can move forward.
  12. With all due respect, getting advice before doesn't really help a great deal now. We are not at before. We are at now & it's going forward from now i need advice on, not what i should have done before. That ship has sailed already & i can't go back. PUWAR means nothing to me unfortunately. I have no idea what it means? I've not put up with it since 2015. I didn't say that. I said i was moved to the site in September 2018 and complained immediately. I have the letter i sent welfare specifically complaining about the broken ch
  13. Just a thought i had. Now that the case has been postponed, is it likely they will again offer to make a settlement next time the hearing is about to be heard?
  14. Absolutely. Hand of God & all that. Thank so much for your advice on this Emmzzi. I have taken what you have said on board & am grateful to you for giving me some time on this.
  15. Well it's all academic now. The court just phoned me. There's no judge available Monday so it's been postponed until july or august.
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