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  1. I've received Defences witness statement and it refers to the Law of property act 1925 that notice of assignment was served to me. Does this law allow them to buy the debt? I read it but can't make head nor tail if it refers to property or any debt? Also states in their statement that the default notice could not be provided by the defendant as this was not retained by the assignor but their system shows a copy was sent and it is compliant with section 87 of the cca. I need to submit my witness statement by the 21of April.
  2. This is what they have added - £5,734.20 Principal Sum £458.74 Interest £455.00 Court fee £100.00 Legal Representative costs £346.00 Hearing fee (which has today been paid) and now the total is £7093.94
  3. Thanks. I now have court date and received a confirmation stating Overdales have paid the court fees. The court date is in May. Totally stressed now as they are adding charges on and driving the figure up to £7000. What can I do if anything?
  4. Directions questionner has arrived and needs to be filed by the 29th of September. Overdales sent a letter stating I have failed to enter into negotiations to settle the debt and they will be presenting the letter to the court.
  5. Nothing on allocation. Claim History Your acknowledgment of service was received on 02/08/2021 at 14:05:35 Your defence was submitted on 23/08/2021 at 15:37:12 Your defence was received on 23/08/2021 at 16:05:39 This is all I can see. My only concern is that they have the full statement with all the transactions from shop direct how would the judge not give judgement in their favour?
  6. Thanks dx i've read quite a few of these will keep reading. Just waiting for my directions questionnaire. Overdales have sent theirs to me. I've noticed none of the boxes have been ticked for example the mediation service boxes haven't been neither yes nor no. Same for the small track nothing ticked. Only the hearing venue to be by phone. is this normal?
  7. I've looked through the site for claim forms lowell and can't find many similar cases.
  8. Directions questionnaire has arrived will be able to post it here tomorrow. Thank you
  9. OK Thanks again. I was just worried because I read on here that the judge awarded a similar case to the debt collection agency and qouted some case saying assignment is legal and I don't have any sort of defence. I just don't want to get to the stage where I have to go court and the judge says you have to pay it all in a sum sum which will be impossible.
  10. sorry i misread its not a consent order i have no idea what that was I just panicked as I can't afford any big problems. Scan 1.pdf Scan 2.pdf
  11. Hi Andy Sorry I'm just worried that the court will say pay it all back in a lump. I can post the letter they sent if it makes any difference.
  12. It seems overdales have decided court it is. Sent me a letter stating I have till the 9th of September to get in touch or they will be sending a consent application. oh well thanks for all the assistance but I won't get anywhere in court unfortunately.
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