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  1. Hello All - and thank you for taking the time & trouble to read my post - dx100uk; BazzaS; Ethel Street and Andyorch, thank you so much - reading your responses is an education for me and when I shut down this desk top later, believe me, I will be better informed than I was when I turned it on a moment ago. Given the particular circumstances which have been both catastrophic and tragic for the defendant, I have to discontinue the claim as a human being. Their counter claim had already been struck out anyway, which I suppose makes it less tricky. Thank you for guiding me, for your time and effort which I never take for granted. Best wishes.
  2. I have already paid hearing fees at the County Court for a case which has yet to be listed for hearing. The Defendant is a relative who unfortunately has had her life thrown into turmoil through a family tragedy. I feel that I can no longer press on with the claim and I just have to absorb the financial loss. How do I discontinue the claim and are there likely to be any cost implications for me? The Court had earlier made a motion of its own volition and scratched out the Defendant's counterclaim. I would be grateful for some steer or ideas please on how I might communicate this situation to the Court. I did not think that this is a case where I would need to make an application because my intention is to withdraw the claim. I hope Forum Members can help. With thanks.
  3. Honeybee has addressed this and moved on, I do not know why you are taking a retrogressive step and alluding to the suggestion that I am wasting time. I am not forcing any one to contribute to my post, am I? So how am I wasting anyone's time? On the contrary it is you who is wasting my time because I have to respond to the trash talk you're now spewing. Why should I limit my research to one platform, people have different views and perspectives. For example, I did not know that the Government issued Section 21 Guidance in June 2021, something which was brought to my attention by another landlord on a different platform. This is an extremely timely and pertinent development because as every landlord know, you miss a detail and it can be extremely costly.
  4. Thank you HB and I'm sorry for venting my frustrations in this way. But the thought of being quoted from a different site is inevitably off-putting to Members who might have put their thoughts and views on paper to me. Why though, the need to cite my content from another platform? I'm a novice and reluctant landlord and I try not to get things right. As I say, Forum Members here have given me an education over the years. Please be reassured that I am not taking things personally, but seriously. The other question I have, with regards to processing Section 21 Notice - if the rent payment date is the 1st of the month, and I have to give the tenants 4-months Notice (according to the June government guidance), does the Notice start date commence from the date of 'service' or the date the next rent is due? I have tried to read on this but I cannot find anything specific to periodic tenancy. I would be grateful for any help / steer you may be able to provide.
  5. 45002 - Before signing up to this Forum, I read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions; I did so again yesterday to refresh my mind. No where does it say I cannot ask my query on other platforms. So I do not see why you're being a tyrant and blocking other helpful Members to contribute their knowledge and experience to the question I'm posing. Why are you censoring and trolling my posts on other platforms? Why can I not get intelligence from other Members more experienced and knowledgeable than myself from this site? Why are you blocking their input by saying that I have had elsewhere when the comments you're referring to are not even conclusive? Is that what you spend your time doing? It's pathetic. What Forum Rule/s have I broken by seeking help from another platform? I'm genuinely grateful that I've had a lot of helpful from this Forum over the years. But the statistical reality is that there are always the likes of people like you who out of nothing but spite, ill-will and malicious intent, choose to undermine the very objectives this Forum was set to do, that is to help the simple people like me and I'm sure others out there, in their different environments and situations. This is an invaluable resource for intelligent conversation and help for consumers. You did not have to block Members from commenting on my query - you should be ashamed of selfishness. You don't know me and my situation - so where do you get the motivation other than pure evil!
  6. Hello Members - I am a 'reluctant landlord' forced into the role due to losing my job and having to look for a job elsewhere, following which I had to leave my home which I have had to rent out. I am now seeking your help in the form of tips to recover my home from tenants - is it a straight case of serving a Section 21? Their deposit is protected formally and they are on a rolling monthly contract following expiration of the fixed term contract. There is an arrears of £50 in rent since 1 July 2021. The tenants are likely to view this as a surprise move but at the same time, they are not the best to engage in conversation, they have a gift of the garb! I just want the contract to end amicably, as well as avoid further accumulation of rent arrears. I would be grateful for some advice please, if possible. I hope you can help. With thanks.
  7. Thank you BankFodder for the feedback and learning; here is the chronology which encapsulates the 'story'. All parcels listed below were never delivered (for no apparent reason - the reason stated on the messages I received was that 'customer has no knowledge of purchases' ) by the courier who I'm cautious not to name in case there are legal implications for me personally. This matter is now in the Court system. I would be grateful if you could please confirm that you have seen the defence. Chronology Retailer Date goods ordered Date goods collected from retailer & promised for delivery by xxxxxx Comments / Breach of contract Holland & Barrett 23/09/2019 27/09/2019 Parcels not delivered – returned to H&B Debenhams 27/09/19 07/10/2019 Parcels not delivered - returned to Debenhams Holland & Barrett (re-order) 01/10/2019 07/10/2019 Parcels not delivered – returned to H&B Debenhams 29/09/2019 01/10/2019 Parcel not delivered - returned to Debenhams Debenhams 29/09/2019 01/10/2019 Parcel not delivered - returned to Debenhams Debenhams (re-order) 01/10/2019 07/10/2019 Parcel not delivered - returned to Debenhams
  8. Thank you BankFodder for reading and responding to my post. (i) I'm sorry I did not mention the courier's name because I suspected there is a need to anonymise the case. (ii) With regards to the 'story' I have, hopefully concisely set the scene in the Particulars of Claim, that is the gist of the matter. The defence provided by the courier puts their case from their side. (iii) I try to seek help as a last resort in view of how busy people are I tend to fear that I might be a bother. Perhaps you might help me by pointing out where I might have missed a 'trick' please. I would be most grateful for your help.
  9. Dear Forum Members - I am seeking help with a case I have started against a national courier who systematically confiscated several parcels which were on-line purchases from high-street retailers. I argued that since the courier intentionally collected the parcels from the retailers, then sent me text and e-mail updates advising of the imminent delivery of the parcels, there was an 'implied contract' which was breached each time a parcel was not delivered. In their defence received yesterday, the courier argue that there was no such 'implied contract'. Of the 11 parcels involved, they have only managed to track two which they confirm are assumed lost. (i) I have kept a comprehensive record of the chronology of events; (ii) there is copious e-mail correspondence which corroborate my chronology including complaints which I filed; (iii) the courier failed to respond to a 'Subject Access Request'; (iv) the courier failed to respond to the 'Letter before Action'. My damages comprise time lost from taking time off to wait for the parcels in 2019 (the value of the parcels was refunded by the retailers). But for the fact that the courier promised specific delivery time slot, I would have not taken time off work to wait for the parcels and wold have saved myself leave days. This was compounded by the fact that the courier's conduct was 'systematic' and apparently 'malicious' for what ever reason. I would welcome comments, ideas, steer and any other notions which might guide me please. Attached are my 'Particulars of Claim' and the recently received defence. I look forward to hearing from you. With thanks & best wishes. Maketa Attached file: img20201031_15563304.pdf
  10. Hello 'Manxman in exile', I am sorry I have confused, inadvertently. Yes, I was criticised for wrongly starting a new thread when I should have continued with the same topic. I am sorry that I keep making these errors. Please may I reassure both you and the admin team that I’m loathe to make all these errors, and in the process, inconvenience and frustrate you. I am so sorry due to my ignorance. I have gained incalculable help and advice from this Forum and I would not wish to jeopardize my situation. I hope you can forgive me. I confirm I have started a new thread on the courier matter.
  11. Will do Andyorch, I'm eternally grateful. I appreciate both your effort and time which I never take it for granted.
  12. Hello Andyorch I hope you're well and keeping safe. In answer to your question, no - I have not received the DQ yet. On the MCOL page, it specifically mentions that the DQ has been sent to the Defendant and there is no mention of the Claimant which I find concerning. I have tried to call the Court but the queue was at number 40 with over an hour waiting time. Thank you once again Andorch!
  13. Hello to Forum members reading this post. I'm seeking for help about a form of words used on MCOL in connection with a claim against a national courier - the comments on the MCOL web page say: Claim History A bar was put in place for "Defendant's name" on 26/10/2020 "Defendant's name" filed a defence on 26/10/2020 at 16:05:37 DQ sent to "Defendant's name" on 27/10/2020 What does "A bar was put in place for "Defendant name" I hope you can help and I'd be extremely grateful.
  14. Hello Andyorch - thank you once again. In answer to your question, the Order arrived last Friday when the letter was put through the door. I will call the Court tomorrow. Thank you.
  15. Sorry Andyorch - something must have gone wrong. Hopefully this time it will work. Thank you once again - copy of redacted file should hopefully appear below. I will post this message and then test that the document can be opened. Redacted_files2.pdf
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