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  1. SuperVillain - I absolutely like your pseudonym. I hope you and your family are well in these unprecedented times. Thank you for your kindness in responding to my post, I was beginning to get concerned that I had not received a response. I cannot thank you enough for the useful and practical information you have provided. Please be rest assured that every detail you have noted is of value to me in this case. No, I do not expect the defendant's witnesses to cooperate with me in the slightest as they are not moral people. So the additional guidance you have provided about preparing a witness summary is very pertinent. Thank you very much once again. Best wishes. Maketa79
  2. I get it now Andy, thank you. Please kindly accept my genuine apologies. Maketa79
  3. Hello Andy, I am sorry if I duplicated topics. This is a genuine misunderstanding on my part. My understanding is that these are different technical issues with separate headings highlighting the nature of the specific enquiry. But I will do as you say and stick to one thread. I am sorry for any inconveniences caused. Maketa79
  4. Hello fellow CAG members - please can you help me with a advice concerning summoning witnesses to Court. My case is going through case management and I have a hearing date for the end of June 2020. The 'Notice of Allocation to the Small Claims Track' says the following about witnesses: "Witness statements shall be included in the documents served and filed. This includes the evidence of the parties themselves, and any other person whose evidence is to be relied upon, whether or not it is intended to call them at the hearing". The Defendant has implicated her siblings in her defence. I have the idea of calling the Defendant's siblings so that I can have the opportunity to defend and nullify the Defendant's allegations. But to do so, the case management protocol requires me to provide the Court with witness statements of those witnesses I intend to call in evidence. Without such witness statement, the Court will not allow me to call the witnesses. How can I get round this problem please or what can I do to compel the Defendant's siblings to attend Court? I would be grateful for any steer or ideas please. Maketa79
  5. Sure, thank you for the learning point Andyorch. But I wanted to see if the other party is fielding any witnesses also. Thank you all the same Andyorch
  6. Thank you Andyorch for this prompt and helpful assistance. I'm a novice so my questions may come across as naive - I do not know, nor have I ever come across 'civil compliance' and 'court procedure' being distinguished. To the 'ignorant me' it seems one and the same e.g. a 'court procedure' within the context of a civil matter? In any event, you have answered my question so I'm truly grateful.
  7. Hello CAG colleagues. I hope you can help me with the following questions please. (i) In completing form N244, can I request more than one Order in the same N244 form? For example (a) I wish to seek an Order to summons two witnesses and (b) an Order for the Defendant to disclose the Allocation Questionnaire as she has not sent one to me despite polite requests. I hope you can help.
  8. Thank you so much BazzaS for taking the time to read my post and respond with some helpful advice. I am sorry I am a novice - the Perry Mason analogy made me chuckle. Far from it but I have a set of key questions which I would expect the witnesses (who are the Defendant's siblings) would answer in the negative i.e. they will defend the Defendant's position. But in so doing, they will be lying and I am hoping that their demeanor will be telling. Also the fact that I will be putting certain specific questions to them will unnerve them to my advantage. That is the rationale that I'm using. You are quite right to point out that they may, in fact, will be against being involved. So your point about the fact that I CAN force them to court, is a pertinent and helpful one. I have only recently returned the completed Allocation Questionnaire and I would like to submit my N244 application early. Many thanks BazzaS, your steer has been helpful and you have made a difference and saved me time.
  9. Thank you dx100uk, please kindly excuse my ignorance.
  10. Hello CAG members! I was wondering if you could help me please, this is a question I have asked before but I'm still not clear on process and protocol for calling witnesses from the Defendant's side. I was directed to: http://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil/rules/part34#I This link takes me to the Court's Procedure Rules which in turn mentions form N20. But when I look at the form N20, it seems it is the actual Summons document rather than an application form to be completed and submitted into Court. So I'm lost as to what to do. I would be grateful for some guidance please as the hearing dates for my case as the claimant should be announced by the Court soon. I hope you can help. With many thanks. I would be grateful for your help. Maketa79
  11. Hello CAG members - I have a County Court Judgement Order for £978 which requires enforcement. I would be grateful if you could please advise as to how do I go about seeking the services of High Court bailiffs because I understand that they are more effective in enforcing such Orders. I hope you can help. Kind regards Maketa79
  12. Thank you profusely, you have enlightened a pure beginner on a matter that is of huge importance to the point that I am losing sleep. Little by little with help from people like you, I will get there. Thank you profusely. I appreciate your help more than you might care to believe. Maketa79
  13. Thank you very much Andyorch for taking the time and trouble to read my post, and for the assistance offered. How does the 'Subpoena' process work please? Are there any criteria I have to meet and / or do I need the Court's permission to call witnesses who are in the Defendant's camp, as it were. I would value your help and assistance. Kind regards. Maketa79
  14. Particulars-of-Claim.pdfThank you BankFodder for taking the time and trouble to read my post and for responding. I attach a copy of the claim form. Unfortunately, the defence is a convoluted composition which is some 7 pages long. The Defendant is disregarding the fact that they have already partly performed on the verbal contract. The value of the claim is £9300. I have documentary evidence of the £17600 they have repaid to date. If you feel that a copy of the defence is essential then I can make arrangements for this to be scanned and posted for your perusal. With many thanks once again. Kind regards. Maketa79
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