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  1. Thank you BankFodder for the feedback and learning; here is the chronology which encapsulates the 'story'. All parcels listed below were never delivered (for no apparent reason - the reason stated on the messages I received was that 'customer has no knowledge of purchases' ) by the courier who I'm cautious not to name in case there are legal implications for me personally. This matter is now in the Court system. I would be grateful if you could please confirm that you have seen the defence. Chronology Retailer Date goods ordered
  2. Thank you BankFodder for reading and responding to my post. (i) I'm sorry I did not mention the courier's name because I suspected there is a need to anonymise the case. (ii) With regards to the 'story' I have, hopefully concisely set the scene in the Particulars of Claim, that is the gist of the matter. The defence provided by the courier puts their case from their side. (iii) I try to seek help as a last resort in view of how busy people are I tend to fear that I might be a bother. Perhaps you might help me by pointing out where I might have missed a 'trick' please. I
  3. Dear Forum Members - I am seeking help with a case I have started against a national courier who systematically confiscated several parcels which were on-line purchases from high-street retailers. I argued that since the courier intentionally collected the parcels from the retailers, then sent me text and e-mail updates advising of the imminent delivery of the parcels, there was an 'implied contract' which was breached each time a parcel was not delivered. In their defence received yesterday, the courier argue that there was no such 'implied contract'. Of the 11 parcels involved, they have
  4. Hello 'Manxman in exile', I am sorry I have confused, inadvertently. Yes, I was criticised for wrongly starting a new thread when I should have continued with the same topic. I am sorry that I keep making these errors. Please may I reassure both you and the admin team that I’m loathe to make all these errors, and in the process, inconvenience and frustrate you. I am so sorry due to my ignorance. I have gained incalculable help and advice from this Forum and I would not wish to jeopardize my situation. I hope you can forgive me. I confir
  5. Will do Andyorch, I'm eternally grateful. I appreciate both your effort and time which I never take it for granted.
  6. Hello Andyorch I hope you're well and keeping safe. In answer to your question, no - I have not received the DQ yet. On the MCOL page, it specifically mentions that the DQ has been sent to the Defendant and there is no mention of the Claimant which I find concerning. I have tried to call the Court but the queue was at number 40 with over an hour waiting time. Thank you once again Andorch!
  7. Hello to Forum members reading this post. I'm seeking for help about a form of words used on MCOL in connection with a claim against a national courier - the comments on the MCOL web page say: Claim History A bar was put in place for "Defendant's name" on 26/10/2020 "Defendant's name" filed a defence on 26/10/2020 at 16:05:37 DQ sent to "Defendant's name" on 27/10/2020 What does "A bar was put in place for "Defendant name" I hope you can help and I'd be extremely grateful.
  8. Hello Andyorch - thank you once again. In answer to your question, the Order arrived last Friday when the letter was put through the door. I will call the Court tomorrow. Thank you.
  9. Sorry Andyorch - something must have gone wrong. Hopefully this time it will work. Thank you once again - copy of redacted file should hopefully appear below. I will post this message and then test that the document can be opened. Redacted_files2.pdf
  10. Hello Andyorch - thank you once again. I have uploaded (I hope) a redacted file comprising 2 x pages which I trust are self-explanatory. Just so you are aware, I have made various attempts to communicate with the 'hostile' witnesses to no avail. You will also note from the Order that the Court has struck out the Defendant's counterclaim which is great news. But the Defendant has implicated her relatives in her 'defence' hence the need for having them as witnesses. I just thought I should clarify and contextualise. Many thanks once again. [Attached - Redacted_Files].Redacted_File.pdf
  11. Hello Andyorch and thank you for taking the time and trouble to read my post and respond to it. I wondered whether you would please clarify the link you have posted as this leads me to the CPR pages to which I was directed earlier by other Forum Members. This has been the basis of my approach in applying to the Court for the submission of 'witness summaries' and seeking permission to serve 'Witness Summons'. Is there any information you think I might have omitted? I would be grateful for some steer please. With thanks.
  12. I thank the Consumer Action Group Members for getting me this far in my case which is still in progress. Situation: The Court has reversed earlier permission for me to rely on witness summaries. The question upon which I am seeking help, please, is - do I need to bother myself as to why the Court has reversed permission to rely on witness summaries? If so, what line of logic or law can might I follow because clearly, the Court has said one thing and then another a few weeks later, of its own motion, the Court has reversed the earlier decision. I find t
  13. Hello BazzaS and thank you very much for taking the trouble and time to read my post and provide a reply which will be of tremendous help to me as I embark on my first 'litigant in person' case. I am truly grateful to you. Kind regards. Maketa79
  14. Defendant denies loan entirely in defence statement despite acknowledging it in an earlier e-mail (which they have presumably forgotten about), then admits loan but offers to pay a third of the outstanding balance during mediation which I declined - can I mention what the Defendant said in mediation in my testimony, now that the case is going to trial? Hello fellow CAG members: 1. I would be grateful if you could please take a moment or two to read my post and see if you can help me please. I have summarised and underlined my query above. 2. I would
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