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  1. I’ve renewed it now had such a lot going on the past couple of years my heads been all over the place not to mention sleepless nights yes we have a mobility car thank goodness! thank you for your advice
  2. Thank you I will get onto letter writing this evening mane again thank you for the advice I will check back with my outcome
  3. I spoke to rossendales by telephone 2 weeks ago they are aware of my vulnerability one is for £225.00 and I’ve got to pay that in full was due on the 27th just gone I told them I wouldn’t have that amount but they wouldn’t except anything less told them I knew I would break it to that had no response the second amount is the bigger one 995.00 paid 25.00 yesterday as agreed I have to call back to arrange to pay more next month as the other one should have been paid in full by then should I just pay what I can afford on the missed payment one? they put me off calling because of how bullyish they are so thinking maybe right a letter. with all my other debt and the amount I owe and the stress it’s causing that’s why I’ve thought maybe bankruptcy
  4. Thank you 2 with rossendales mans 1 from my local county court Sorry parking fine! Local county court
  5. Hi thanks for replying so quick Had payment plans set up they keep demanding more money I’ve sent them my monthly expenditure that shows everything and what I have to live on never aloud them into my home Xmas came I missed a payment so partly my own fault just didn’t want the kids going without!
  6. Hi I’m new here so not sure if I’m posting in the right place! Long story short I separated from my now ex husband 2 years ago he ran off and did the dirty after 20 years marriage 3 children and left me with a load of debt unfortunately all in my name £33,000 in total now being a single parent and only being able to work part time as my youngest has special needs my income really is mainly from benefits he receives dla high rate and full mobility because of his medical needs. Its a very big struggle especially trying to pay everything run a home and 3 children going without all the time added stress with debt collectors and now bailiffs for council tax, shop direct account and a parking fine hadn’t realised mobility badge had expired! I’ve read loads of advice on here and am considering filing bankruptcy my question is can these bailiff debts be included in a bankruptcy or can they still chase me for the money. I just can’t see a way out at all what I owe will take me years and years to pay back life is so stressful thank you in advance for any advice given. sorry it’s a little long winded!
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