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  1. Email sent. So do I follow it up with a hard copy via the post? michael.roemer@barclays.com This email may no longer be valid as it keeps bouncing back. I emailed the adjudicator on Monday, as per the message a bit further up, just so he knew where we are at with regards to what Barclays had or hadn't done, and he didn't even bother to reply either. I assume this means he hasn't heard from Barclays since speaking to them on Monday, but he could have still replied to let me know he understood what I had said. He said they were going to email him on Monday to let him know why they hadn't done as agreed and also to explain why they issued the CIFAS, but I guess they didn't.
  2. I promise, I did everything by the book, kept all details, tracking info, I proved absolutely everything to Barclays and the FOS. This is why I am so angry. If I had done something wrong then I'd hold my hands up, but when I know I am in the right it makes me so annoyed. I have googled a lot searching for unfair CIFAS notices against people and cannot find any, it seems people always have them for some reason or another, whether they let someone use their account or another story, but on this occasion that CIFAS is 100% uncalled for and neither Barclays nor FOS seem to care.
  3. It really is confusing isn't it. Barclays Bank admitted I had a valid refund claim, but not against them in May 2019. Pre 30th May 2019 Barclays Bank admit I have a valid refund claim, but they felt it was against Amazon, and not them. 30th May 2019 Barclays Bank decide I have attempted to commit fraud against them by opening a charge back claim. They say I had no valid claim to initiate a charge back, and that I did it to fraudulently take money from them - So are saying the whole Amazon issue I reported to them was fake, and I did it because I knew Barclays Bank would immediately return that money into my account. This money was then used by me fraudulently, ie I spent it. That is why they issued the CIFAS. So on one hand they are saying I had a claim with Amazon, and on the other hand they are saying I made up the claim to defraud the bank. They then later, admitted to the FOS that I did infact have a valid charge back claim with the bank which they failed to execute correctly and admit they made critical errors. If you can understand this then well done, because I'm struggling and its me that's writing it.
  4. Thanks for this fkofilee. I am happy to take legal action. When it comes to the recovering of money, am I asking for the £150 compensation and the £49.17 I had in the account? Should they be compensating for the unfair CIFAS, and the fact that it has been 3 months since they agreed to sort all of this out? When the FOS said they were happy with the £150 compensation amount, none of us knew of the CIFAS and that is quite a big issue, plus the damage that has been caused by it upto November 2019, and the further damage caused in the past 3 months when all of it should have been removed? Barclays sent paperwork to the FOS that stated I did have a strong case, but against Amazon, and this decision was made pre May 2019, so they are saying there was a case for a refund, yet issued that CIFAS at the end of May 2019 saying I had committed 1st Party Fraud. So they were saying I had a strong case which would mean they didn't suspect me of fraud, and then issued a CIFAS against me saying I have committed fraud. That doesn't make sense does it.
  5. I thought I might have had a reply from the FOS today, but nothing, which means the bank hasn't gotten back to him yet. Is there a certain amount of time I should allow for this before getting back in touch with the FOS? I don't think the bank is going to get back to him at all to be honest because when he spoke to them they didn't even know what was happening or what he or they were talking about.
  6. I have just sent an email to the adjudicator that has dealt with this case. Just so I have some sort of paper trail, as suggested, and so we both know what is actually going on, because today it seems he has no idea what is going on. I also sent him a screenshot of the Barclays account on the Equifax site so he can see it is still delinquent. Hi XXXXXXX. There was some confusion today with regards to what Barclays have and haven't done and it's getting quite confusing so I want to clarify a few things. On the 29th November, you emailed to let me know that Barclays have agreed with your solution and they would do the following. Accept responsibility for the failed charge back and clear the amount they said I owed them, which was the charge back amount of £778.00 Pay £150 in compensation Make amendments to my credit file to reflect the fact that the debt amount had been cleared and the account is no longer delinquent Return the money I had in the bank account before any of this happened, which was £49.17 You said on the phone that they had failed to complete some of these actions. They have completed none of these actions, they have done nothing of what you suggested, and what they agreed to do. None of the above has been done. I have checked my Equifax credit file today, and I have attached a section of it which is the Barclays bank account. As you will see, they placed a delinquent notice on the account on the 30th May 2019. This is still there as of today. The delinquent account is in debit by £739. This is the charge back amount of £788, minus my own funds off £49.17, that I had in the account before they re-debited the charge back amount. So the charge back amount, minus my own funds leaves a debit balance of £739, this is as it is today. You said in November, and again today, that they have already paid the £150 compensation. They have not. They did not pay that amount to me, and they have not taken it off the debt balance. They have not paid that £150 to me or the account. They also have not returned my own money, which is the £49.17 that was in the account. The CIFAS notice. This was placed on the account on the 30th May 2019. this is the exact day they closed the account and registered the delinquent account with Equifax. It is a CIFAS for 1st Party Fraud. They are saying I deliberately created a false charge back to obtain money from them fraudulently. As you now know, that did not happen because they admitted they made errors with the charge back I registered with them, but it is still there. You made your decision at the end of November 2019, It is now 3 months later. They have done nothing. If they thought there was still an amount owing to them, which there is not, they should have either contacted you to let you know, or contacted me. They have done neither. So for the past 3 months I have had a delinquent account with Equifax for no reason, other than laziness on behalf of Barclays Bank. I have also now had a CIFAS notice against my name for 9 months, for no reason whatsoever. This is an abuse of the CIFAS code of practice and extremely unfair on me. I have had no access to a bank account or a debit card for 9 months. Do you have any idea how difficult life is with none of these things, and none of this is my fault. It's the fault of Barclays Bank and its incompetent staff and for some reason they are still getting away with it and I really cannot understand how this is. I hope this had made things clearer for you because whatever Barclays Bank are saying to you, it isn't correct. It sounds to me as if they really have no idea what they are talking about. Best wishes. XXXXXX.
  7. I am going to email him this evening, he has no idea what he is talking about so I am going to bullet point everything that has happened so far, and everything that has not happened. He seems to be taking the word of Barclays over me, and believing what they say, and what they are saying is wrong. They do not even know what they are talking about from what he has spoken about today. That is what he said. He said, Barclays told him that even after resolving the debit amount of around £738, my account is still in areas and that's why they haven't made any refund, and possibly (I am unsure) why the Cifas was registered. As I said, there is 100% absolutely no arrears, other than the charge back amount, which they said they are responsible for. If they cleared the charge back amount, which they promised to do, the account would have been in credit by the £150 compensation they said they had paid into the account (They didn't do this, I did a SAR with the bank and have all of the bank statements here) and the money in the account that belonged to me which was between £40 - £70. I can't even get my head around what he and they are saying, and I am usually on the ball, but I cannot understand what is going on at the minute. The adjudicator advised against me asking an Ombudsman to look at it as he said the bank might now refuse to accept responsibility for the charge back mistake, even though they had already accepted it was their error. But, he said this and I'm not confident at all that he even knows whats going on.
  8. To be honest I have had enough. He seems to see no issue with me having a CIFAS registered against me for 9 months, 1st party fraud, and for no reason whatsoever. He also sees no issue with me still having a default on my credit record which Barclays said would be rectified 3 months ago. Even if they did pay the £150 into the bank account (they didn't) to offset some of the debit amount, if they had cleared the debit amount due to their own error, of £778, the account would then be in credit by £150. Plus the money I had in the account already, which was between £40 - £70. He isn't seeing this at all, and no one seems to care that I did have a positive balance in the account at the time. That is my money, but they do not care. They also haven't explained to him why they didn't bother to action any of his recommendations, or get back to him or me if there was a grey area or something that wasn't clear to them, and he is still saying he cannot be sure that the CIFAS is due to this situation. I honestly despair. I think, if he is able to sort this out, then all that will happen is, they will action what he suggested and then be on their way. I am not happy with that so I think it is time to do something about it please.
  9. Have just spoken to the adjudicator. Firstly, Barclays say they did not action any of his recommendations as they thought there was still an outstanding balance on the account. There absolutely is no outstanding balance. I did infact have a positive balance in there before they reversed the chargeback and put the account into debit. So there is an outstanding balance at the minute of £739, but that is because they reversed the chargeback. The recommendation from the FOS was that they accept responsibility for that amount, which they agreed to do, but haven't. He said they only actioned some of his recommendations and not all due to them thinking I still owed them money other than the reversed chargeback. I told him they actioned zero of his recommendations. He mentioned the CIFAS, and said he isn't sure as yet if that was placed by them due to this issue. I told him it was registered the day they closed my account. I haven't had any bank issues before this and have certainly not tried to defraud them at any point, so he said he cannot discuss that until he knows the reason for it. He said they had already paid me the £150 compensation, which was agreed in November. They have never done this. He said they had taken it off the debit balance that I owed them. I said no they haven't. He seems to have no clue what he is talking about at all, and the person at Barclays he spoke to also have no idea what they are talking about. Its an absolute farce. He said he is now waiting for an email from them, explaining why they haven't done anything and also why they placed the CIFAS, and he will let me know when he receives this.
  10. It really is crazy. No one seems to know what they did, why they did it, and why they didn't resolve it. The adjudicator doesn't seem that bothered that they issued a cifas. Before I knew of the cifas, I suspected they had placed one and told the adjudicator about it and he said, if there is a cifas, it wouldn't be Barclays that issued it as this isn't a situation where cifas applies. He seems to think he can call Barclays today, tell them to sort it out, and then all is well and good, but I then have to wait to see if they do sort it out, then wait longer to see if the default comes off my credit file, and then await a letter from them to confirm what has been done and if the cifas has been removed.
  11. The £150 compensation offered in November was accepted on the basis that they would immediately resolve all of the issues caused by them. At that time I had no idea they had placed the CIFAS marker against my name. So if there is some sort of offer of compensation then I should refuse it and tell the ombudsman's office that I will take that up separately? To be honest I don't think there will be any offer of compensation for the CIFAS at all, the adjudicator I have been dealing with is a nice guy but he seems to want to deal with everything politely and be kind to Barclays and I am past that point now. I had to explain to him twice that they hadn't done any of the things they promised to do in November, and he still didn't understand. He thought they had done as promised and I was just asking for the complaint to be looked at by an ombudsman due to the CIFAS being issued. I think by the end of the call he understood and said he believes the CIFAS was entered against me in error, but that doesn't help me and it doesn't answer why they agreed with his findings in November, and then did nothing.
  12. Have spoken to the adjudicator. He said if it goes to an ombudsman I am open to the bank changing their minds about accepting responsibility and they may decide to change their minds and dispute liability. I then mentioned the fact that they have not actioned any of his decision, which they did agree to in November, ie cover the debit amount, amend my credit file and pay £150 compensation. He didn't know they hadn't done this (even though I did tell him last week in my email to him, he obviously took no notice) He said he will speak to Barclays today and get back to me later by phone. He said he will ask why they have not followed through with what they agreed to do in November, and will also ask about the CIFAS to see if they will remove it. He seems to think that if they say they will sort this out today, then everything is all good, but really it isn't. An unfair Cifas for 9 months that has affected my credit file quite badly, and agreeing to put things right, but 3 months later they still haven't. It seems very unfair that they can do all of this and get away with it.
  13. Before they placed the CIFAS which was done on the day they closed my account, 30th May, they admitted that I have a strong case, but against Amazon, the FOS have seen this as its on the paperwork barclays sent to them, So them admitting I have a strong case surely means they don't think I have committed fraud, and yet they still placed the marker saying I intentionally used the account to commit fraud against the bank. The adjudicator is ringing me this morning for a chat so I will see what happens with him.
  14. Yes I managed to get an account with them.
  15. Thanks for that, I will get onto it now and complain to Cifas. I will let you know the outcome of my email to the FOS. I haven't made a donation as yet because I have no bank card, but its on its way and I will make a donation to thank you all for the help with this.
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