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  1. Hi Everybody I'll try and get the answers to these questions this week. I'll post again when I find something out. ttfn Bear
  2. No I can't see any kind of name or any sort of detail about the claim. The only information is my name, old address, judgement date, the amount, court name i.e. County Court Business Centre and a case reference number. I'll see about getting a copy of the claimform.. I wonder if I contact Bristow & Sutor If they'll shed any light on what the debt is actually for (apart from the CTAX element) and if they have obtained a CCj against me. If not then the guy at the door is totally full of shit about seizing goods. Thanks for all help everybody, it's greatly appreciated. Baar
  3. Just saw a copy of my credit file which I got from www.creditkarma.co.uk. I can see two CCJ on m file. Both awared in the last 6 months. The first is for £1187 Now this will be for the Provi loan. I recognize the amount. The second is for £299 Now I haven't a clue what this is for. I don't recognize the amount. So I can't see anything which is around the £990.49 mark. Which is what the guy said I owned. When he comes back should I go to the door with my mobile phone and record the interaction? He was filming me so I think I should have my own video proof. tia Bear
  4. Hi there, the company name on the bit of paper is: Bristow & Sutor Says the total amount £990.49 and this includes £235 enforement stage fees, The CTAX was owed to North Tyneside Council. The guy also said that it wasn't just for CTAX. Other debts were combined. I did leave other debts behind too when I moved. Perhaps a utility bill, credit card debts and a Provi doorstep loan. I think the guy said that he would be back Saturday too. This is what I'm trying to avoid multiple visits. Don't want my mam to get upset. Thanks for the help. Bear
  5. Hi Everybody I moved into my parents house quite recently. My mam is aged and extremely ill (it's just me and her living in the house) and I moved from the North to the South of England to take care of her. Now I've got a CCJ against me for unpaid Council tax from when I was living in the North and a debt collector has just showed up at the door. Now I don't have the money to pay the entire amount straight away. But I'm willing to try and enter in some kind of payment plan and gradually pay down the debt. However my main concern is that they don't keep coming around and phoning the house threatening and harassing my mam over her sons debt. However the guy at the door was threatening to seize goods and have them sold at public auction. Getting bailiffs to break in etc. When I told him that I've nothing of any real value he said he could just take whatever was in the house. Something about if she couldn't prove whatever was hers then they could just take whatever (I'm not 100% this but I think something to this affect). He left me a "Notification of Enforcement agent visit" sheet of paper. From the first paragraph it says: "As an enforcement agent I've attended your premises today with the intention of taking control of your goods in accordance with the taking control of goods (fees) regulations 2014. At this time your goods are bound. You cannot remove, sell or otherwise dispose of them" Thus I'd appreciate any advice that readers my be able to offer. Does anyone know the law regarding "seizing assets" when the debtor is not the homeowner/tenant? tia Bear
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