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  1. Ye, see I had no contact from them at all about this! I think dx100uk is right about it being fake
  2. Not sure, could have been they spoke English but did have an unfamiliar accent, Im not great at identifying accents though
  3. My landlords said they would deal with all bills inc. council tax, i just paid one lump sum of rent and bills to cover it. It wont send any texts to their number and says Ive dialled an incorrect number when I try to ring them, even though thats the number they call me from
  4. They didnt say but Ive only lived in Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire so would be either of those.
  5. Hi, I started having phone calls from a mobile number a few weeks back, but they weren't leaving any voicemails or anything so thought it might be spam at first, then I answered yesterday as the calls started up again they were a debt collection company and that bailiffs would be sent to my door to repossess my belongings if I did not pay £1200. I honestly dont think I owe this money at all. I have never been in debt before. They said it was for council tax but I've been living in house-shares for the last few years that have had bills included. Im looking at getting a mortgage soon and having debt could really set me back. Is there any way to find out if this is real. I googled the number but it didn't come up with any company name because its a mobile but I did find a comment on https://[problem]-numbers.co.uk/Number/07520660393/ which implies they were lying about the debt? Please help! I dont have any parents and don't know who to ask about this kind of thing. Thank you Tam
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