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  1. Thanks again dx100uk - very helpful advice. I wonder how on earth these people get what seem to be legitimate speeding / parking etc., offence details then? Do they just buy the lists to try it on I wonder?
  2. Thanks for the advice. Our letter from CLI says: "We have been appointed to act on behalf of Corpo Di Polizia Municipale Di Firenze for the purpose of recovering the outstanding debt..." "Whatever you decide to do, do bear in mind that it is our client's policy to recover all outstanding debts..." Does this mean, then, that CLI don't own the debt themselves and that we are therefore ok to ignore correspondence? My wife is in email contact with someone at CLI...which is where we have received the negotiated revised offer as mentioned in my first post "I negotiated with the company explaining this and the fee was reduced to £137 (covering the initial fine and collection costs)." Should we reply to his latest email and if so, what should we say? Many thanks.
  3. I did read the thread, but the advice was "don't pay" - and the original poster didn't come back to say what had happened in the end. unclebulgaria - the DCA does have a copy of the official speeding notice.
  4. Thanks dx100uk - but would it be possible to get an more detail as to why? Presumably, the debt is valid and has been purchased at whatever percentage on the debt by Credit Limits International from the Florence authorities?
  5. I was just reading this thread which has now been closed: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/415098-credit-limits-international-italian-highway-code-debt/ The issue concerned a speeding fine and the same thing has happened to me. I was caught speeding in Florence in 2015 and received a letter from Credit Limits International demanding £248. The company included the original copy of the fine from the Florence Police which was €69. I have no doubt the speeding happened - though this is the first I heard of it. I negotiated with the company explaining this and the fee was reduced to £137 (covering the initial fine and collection costs). Can anyone tell me whether I ought to pay this? I don't mind doing so but it still seems a bit steep and the above-referenced thread seemed to suggest that this is something best ignored completely. I'm concerned that it's dodgy and that if I do pay it - they will come back asking for more.
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