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  1. Dx100uk- thanks so much for putting my mind at ease. Is there anything in writing to show Credit card debt is 10 years SB? rgaine, thanks too. Please can you send me your twitter details. And yes, I would much rather deal directly with the dubai bank. I can't believe an alleged debt of max 5 or 6k is now over 500,000!!
  2. https://www.dmcc.ae/blog/legal-corner-limitation-periods So credit card debt is treated differently to loans?
  3. Thanks for the welcome Andyorch dx100uk - I have had 2 previous addresses since coming back to the UK. Does this mean I should not ignore?
  4. Hi Guys, First time posting here so sorry if I make any mistakes. I have received a letter from Judge & Priestley Solicitors saying I owe their client Emirates Bank NBD a huge amount of money for a credit card I had! I left Dubai in 2008 and this is the first time I am hearing from this bank. Obviously they have added an enormous amount of interest as apparently I owe over half a million pounds I wanted to know if anyone can recommend a good solicitor who is experienced in dubai debt?
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