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  1. Had a lot of people telling me to just pay for the minus balance and keep it moving as they will get Debt Collectors involved for the smallest of prices, apparently if I don’t pay fees will be applied and it can be taken Legal if need be. I genuinely don’t understand why it would though as it is only £125. And if the Debt Collection Agency cannot recover the cost they will more than likely pass it onto higher authority which will affect my Credit Rating.
  2. Hello, I have recently sold a girl some shoes via the PayPal “Friends and Family” option, had no complaints from her in regards to this item and carried on as normal. Today I log into my PayPal and see that I have a minus balance of -£125 and she has apparently charged this money back via her Credit Card Company and PayPal have deducted it from my balance. The trouble is I have lost all proof of postage and she has deleted all messages on social media to make it look as if I am talking to myself with nothing to incriminate her. Will this negative balance of -£125 be passed onto a Debt Collection Agency if I refuse to pay for it? And if it does what is the worst that will happen to me?. I am only looking for clear and knowledgeable answers by people who have maybe been through this predicament before and know how to guide me. I am an 18 year old girl on an Apprenticeship Wage and I live in Supported Accommodation so can they send people to collect the money from me or?. Thanks.
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