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  1. Thanks for the Info Mike.. seems to me its just to Make money.. greedy b'tards... the driver will have to cough up..
  2. Greetings.. hoped I wouldn't have to come back so soon... cant say I have ever seen this sign before.. and the driver obviously didn't realise... not really clear.. .. not sure if there is a challenge here.. your opinion is valued as usual... Might be a challenge to get this one revoked.. https://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/14440294.mother-of-four-threatens-court-over-unfair-fines/ https://google.info/forums/forum/google-consumer-forums/welcome-forum/78743-penalty-charge-notice?view=stream Cavendish Avenue - Redbridge_0001.pdf Penalty Charge Notice.pdf
  3. Hi all, I have had no correspondence from the Court or VCS.. who have a week to appeal still.... should I expect anything or does it just disappear.. anyone know?
  4. Hi all, I have added pages 1 to 6 which I updated on my WS I sent to the Court. I have also added the Late Additions.. this was cheat sheet with notes I threw in at the end.. I have also added Exhibit 18, which I sent as an extra a week before the trial. The rest of the WS is the same.. these are the updates.. Good Luck with the Trial. I have uploaded in Word so you can make changes to suit... EXHIBIT 18 - Airports Act 1986.docx Late Additions v1.docx Witness Statement v1 Pages 1 To 6 Updated.docx
  5. Thanks Dave.. There were other comments etc that I added to the WS and some came in after.. I did submit the Airport Act as Exhibit 18.. and all the comments after I added them to a Hit List for my Closing statement.. these were all very helpful.. Regards Tom
  6. Hi WoodDD.. Neither Case was cited in the VSC WS... however, MR D form VCS threw in VCS v Ward & Idle for the Judge to consider during the hearing. The Judge did not have time to review this. I believe he may have had a quick scan but decided it wasn't relevant at the time.. By not relevant, he didn't elaborate if it was not admissible or anything else.. Hope this helps.. Regards Tom
  7. Thank you all for the comments.. I hope to get a transcription of the recording, but I don't know if that's possible. I have asked the Court so will see what comes back. This is an overview and may not be exact wording.. I'll add the highlights from what I understood.. [both Judge & Mr D were well into the legal jargon].. some of the more technical discussion was lost on me.. Opening Statements.. VCS......Events from Incident to Court summons.. pretty much the WS opening Me........Night time, bad weather, bad visibility, children in danger walking on the road so "Signs" were not very clear VCS......Pictures on their WS were in daylight. Picture of the car we very blurry due to the rain. VCS agreed it was bad.. Me........Kangaroo Court - Every drop down on the appeal site is an admission of some sort of guilt. Needs to be an "Other" in case your situation doesn.t match Judge...Asked for clarification on POFA from VCS VCS......Explained POFA in his terms and what he understood Judge...Was it a Parking event? VCS......No, it was a Stopping event Judge...Asked VCS who owns the land.. he didn't know so I told him Southend Council owns the freehold of the airport, but it has been leased since 1994 to London Southend Airport Company Limited Judge...Surprised VCS didn't know that Judge...Asked VCS if the Contract is relevant? VCS......Yes, Judge...Still not clear VCS......Quoted VCS v Ward & Idle.. Me........That's not in your WS so is it admissible? Judge...That's not relevant in this case.. he had a quick look. Judge...Is the land relevant VCS......No real valid response, referred to VCS contract with the airport. Me........Why is Mr Wasi the paralegal not here as he may know? Judge...Section 46 refers to Parking/Waiting. Me........It all refers to Parking.. and I was not parked or waiting.. ## I expect Simple will see this as a loophole so may change it ## Closing Statements: Me........VCS are aggressive in all their actions, as you can see by the Letters in their WS.. I also went through all the Arguments at a high level, such as Bye-Laws, Road Traffic Act [Public access etc.., the POFA discussed Parking, not Stopping, PO Box on the Signs, no address. VCS......Pretty much same as the Opening statement as far as I remember.. Judge... Car was stopped for 30 seconds Multiple Signs The Driver "did" enter into a Contract as they entered the airport But.... Does POFA apply Needs distinction Stopped not Parked Only applies to Parking Judge referred VCS to Jopson v Homeguard Defendant wins the case & is not obliged to pay VCS any money Judge to VCS... do you want to Appeal VCS.. Yes Sir................... but after 20 seconds he changed his mind to No Sir, no appeal at this time.. Judge to VCS... you have 3 weeks to appeal if you change your mind. So.. VCS may appeal, but I had a feeling that he may have been tapped on the shoulder and advised to say No.. at the time.. ### As far as I can remember, this is how it went down ###.
  8. Hi.. I would like to give you the case number, but I am concerned about Disclosure as this reference if accessed will have all my personal details. Not sure if this would be accessible by anyone but a Judge etc... Hopefully, someone on this site may know.. Regards Tom
  9. Hi all, just finished my Hearing.. Nothing owed to me by VCS so I WON the case. Mr D from VCS stated he wanted to Appeal, then he withdrew the opportunity. VCS have 3 weeks to appeal so I may yet get a letter. The WS "we" all put together was "Very Informative" the Judge said. What swung the judge was that is was a Stopping Event, not a Parking Event. I didn't make any counter claims as yet.. Will wait to see if an Appeal is forthcoming.. Just want to say a Big Thanks to all for your help. I do hope it's finally over. It was pretty Intense for a Layman! Regards Tom
  10. Sent a copy of EXHIBIT 18 - Airports Act 1986, Part VI Miscellaneous and Supplementary ,Byelaws, 63. Airport Byelaws to the Court & VCS today for inclusion in my WS. Also asked VCS to confirm receipt of my WS & this addendum so we don't get to the day and they say they never received them. Not had an answer from the Court if they will accept it or not, so I didn't mention that fact.. Wanted to mention GDPR breach but I am going to save that for later, Regards
  11. I'll rephrase that if I get the Chance on the call.. thanks.. good idea about the GDPR.. I have noted that down as well for my call.. and will send off to VCS as well once I hear back..
  12. Thanks all.. I have sent a copy of S63 as Exhibit 18 to the court and asked for it to be included in my Defence as it's an important Act Of Parliament that the Claimant should be aware of Not sent to VCS as I am waiting for the Court to confirm it's inclusion.. As for the GDPR... I have not mentioned that to the Court or VCS.. will save that for a surprise after.. Regards Tom
  13. thanks for the feedback.. the WS has been sent to the Court so it will have to do as it is.. I have changed my copy & highlighted the sentence so I can reiterate again..
  14. Hi brassnecked.. I really hope this is your sense of humour or sarcasm.. or both ... not had any offers as yet.. Any other comments or more of the above, welcome of course Rgds Tom
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