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  1. Hi dx.. appreciate that, thanks.....i tried with PDF but failed.. i'll work it out for when I post the completed version on here So.... now do i wait for their WS.. or should I send mine in about Jan 2021. I was hoping to get his first so I can respond to some of the dribble.. Regards Tom
  2. Hi all, combined PDF attached. Exhibit 13 has been removed as it was a duplicate.. I have not attached all 14 pages of the POFA Section 4 as it can be found on the Internet. Thanks all.. looking forward to your opinions, Regards Tom Exhibits defendants draft WS.pdf
  3. Hi all, hope you are all staying safe.. I have attached a sample of the exhibits I am gathering.. I wont bother attaching copies of the fleecers letters as we have all seen these before. Not attached: Some still in progress EXHIBIT 02 EXHIBIT 04a & 04b EXHIBIT 06 EXHIBIT 09 EXHIBIT 10 I have listed EXHIBIT 10 -. Parking Eye Ltd vs Beavis (2015) UKSC 67.. but the fleecers like quoting that on their demands so not sure I should use it.. perhaps better to use something else as an example where they have lost. I have looked at the So
  4. Thanks dx.. I have put - · I was the registered keeper of vehicle XXXX detailed in the Particulars of Claim.. as the Car was Transferred to a Motor Trade on February 1st 2020 (See EXHIBIT 02]
  5. Hi all.. I have put together a Draft WS.. or more like an Argument Statement.. I appealed 2 times before I found you guys so I assume VCS will use that against me. I want to add more cases from the post that lookinforinfo attached back in the thread but am not sure yet... I also want to wait & see the VCS WS if they send it soon so I can see what I need to defend against. Comments more than welcome of course... Regards Tom WS Draft 1.pdf
  6. Thanks all.. should have a draft WS soon to post up and will post up the VCS one when received, Regards Tom
  7. Greetings.. just after a bit more info.. should I include all Documents for the Court, like all the demands etc.. I assume yes but just checking to see what the concensus is..
  8. Thanks for the Info all.... I have not put the WS together as yet. I am reading all the info I can before I put it together.. More than happy to share for opinions when I do. Regards Tom
  9. Cheers for the info.. I am gathering info as early as possible so I can be ready. Rgds Tom
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