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  1. Good idea, thanks. Have just updated everything so it's private. If they do come that route I will ask them to contact me via post only.
  2. Shall I just not answer any calls or answer and ask them to write to me? I presume they would have already written to me if they had my address as it's been 5 1/2 years
  3. Out the blue have had a call from Credit Corp Sydney on my mobile saying I owe 13k from old bank loan and would take 12k if I paid now. I told them I don't agree to the debt and certainly not going to pay an unknown number out the blue. I asked when it was last paid and they said March 2014 so I presume they are trying to get the debt back or agree to me paying it before we reach 6 years. I gave them an email address and now have a missed call saying the email bounced back (As they must have taken it down wrong) From reading the other posts... just ign
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