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  1. How does this look or do i have to specify what the extra money is for?.
  2. Okay i'll reword and get back to you. Thanks
  3. I'll look back through. Just wondering how i would put a figure on unforeseen circumstance or contingency. Thanks.
  4. Okay i understand Please see below what i've put in on the MCOL website.
  5. What's a default judgement please?.
  6. Hi Tuesday was the final day for DTW to reply to my final letter of action. Should i still proceed with the claim through Money Claim Online or under the current climate of uncertanty hold of until we come out the other side. Thanks
  7. Hi Saturday is deadline day and i've not had anything through yet from DTW. I'll send the money claim on Monday if nothing comes on Saturday post. In the part labeled claim particulars what apart from the obvious should i claim for. Is there a possibility for any hidden costs that if i don't put down that are unforeseen i won't receive. IE if they want one of the tilers to give evidence. Also WHY do you think they want to go to court in your opinion?. Thanks and hope your okay.
  8. Exactly right we would of compromised on the colour thing just to end it but after the £1000 offer we changed our stance.
  9. No after sending the picture of the close up tile with holes in they asked for three quotes to reinstate ALL defective tiles which are 15 in total. They then offered the £1000.
  10. No i never suggested to DTW i would accept anything just that if the offer had been what the quotes where we would of maybe accepted to get ourselves back on track.
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