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  1. I can fill out an N244 form and send back to the court.
  2. Not really i forgot one thing to send out and thats that based on incorrect assumptions by the judge that i hadn't sent something.
  3. How do i go about starting an appeal or reissue the claim please?.
  4. I explained to the judge about the oversight on my part and the costs were the same amount but i still think that if he had the order dated October 30th i would of been ok. 21a.pdf
  5. Not that order the October 30th order. That order i sent to the judge but not the defendant.
  6. he made a massive thing about missing the October 30th, to which and have proved after i did reply to it, and i think they are covering up that fact by saying i missed the April order. Will i have any course of action on this the fact they missed updating the file the judge had?.
  7. That was from the order dated 12th April 2021 that i sent a detailed costs sheet to the judge but neglected to send to the other party but did before the hearing.
  8. z15.pdfThey did and we sent everything back to both parties via email and post, which i have the email proof from the court that they received the revised costs sheet.
  9. Case struck out for two reasons. 1 i forgot to send the other side the updates costs and 2 i completely forgot to reply to the order dated the 30th of October 2020. Point 2 is a complete mistake on the courts part because i've email proof form the court clerk i sent all information back to do with that order and its obviously was never put in the file. Devastated.
  10. Ok thanks. They have replied asking why the costs have tripled from £2000 to £6000. Should i tell them as its already be stated before?.
  11. I know its a oversight on my part but have a couple of COVID issues which has wiped out my wife and myself. I know this but a few COVID related problems have knocked us for six. So i'll see what the judge says tomorrow. Regarding the letter it seems they are dragging up stuff already covered and cleverly wording it and there are some points that are incorrect.
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