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  1. Is that correct regarding the 6 years to raise an issue problem. Ive been checking into mediation and am confident that some sort of settlement can be achieved but only to my satisfaction.
  2. I checked the tiles upon delivery and after checking for the things stated in the terms couldn't see anything wrong with the size, shade and colour of the tiles. Ive also a letter from the installer that he checked the tiles visually before laying each one. Only after grouting the tiles at the 2nd stage of laying after various issues, personal and with the installer, did this issue become apparent. After raising this issue with DTW did they ask me if any other tiles were like this did we check and noticed others but not nearly as bad as some. I believe under CRA i can
  3. So the questionnaires are done and statements. Both parties agreed to mediation, what do you think will happen next?.
  4. Hi ive a new copy of the defendants defence. Shall i scan for you to peruse?.
  5. Well your the expert but how can a judge make a judgement on a case without seeing the evidence to understand why i've gone to small claims court in the first place. Will change the date on the statement and send to both parties and agree to mediation and fingers crossed.
  6. As we discussed earlier some of my case is the judge actually seeing the evidence first hand to see why it wasn't spotted during a basic visual inspection.
  7. Thanks the first question is " do you agree to this case being referred to the small claims mediation service. My answer will be NO.
  8. Just got the postal version of the General Order. Included is a Directions Questionnaire.
  9. I'll send today and keep you posted. I'm basically going to turn down any remote hearing for the future?. Thanks.
  10. You have six years to take a claim to the small claims court for faulty goods in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and five years in Scotland. This doesn't mean that a product has to last six years - just that you have this length of time in which to make a claim if a retailer refuses to repair or replace a faulty product.
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