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  1. Cheers for the replies. I will carry on relaxing about it all. I'm not gonna write any letters unless I have too. Don't want to spend the cost of a stamp on them. Its discusting that firstly the Airports let VCS have a contract to fleece people and then the DVLA sell peoples details on to him. Both are obviously making a nice earner out of it. Our society is rotten to the core when this is going on. A people with no morals equals a people that are ultimately enslaved. It's how the Law of Nature works.
  2. Okay here is the latest letter we received yesterday. Although it doesn't say "Letter Before Action" it does state "Notice of intention to commence legal proceedings" is this the same thing???? I suspect this is more threat o grams and I can still ignore it as it does not look like any of the LMA letters I have seen on the site. Or if anyone thinks a snotty letter should be sent I could construct one? Cheers IMG_20200306_0001.pdf
  3. Here is the latest "threat" from a new "debt" collector. I guess they try a few letters then pass it on to a new one. 'IMG_20200227_0002.pdf it's funny how the amount is going down everytime they offer us a chance to settle! Still no letter before action though.
  4. Latest threat from them came about a week ago. I'm beginging to think the LBA is not going to be forthcoming. I read earlier in thread that VCS can't get a Solicitor to take it on for them so maybe this is all they can do. Anyway I've attacted latest letter to keep up to date. IMG_20200202_0001.pdf
  5. Cheers HB I have read quite a few other threads although it was back in sep/oct when I first found the site. Will try and have a look at a few more time permmiting. not sure what DX's point was. hobnail
  6. thought I was up to speed??? I'm waiting for a letter before action/court. Then I engage with my one and only letter to them telling them to go swivel cos they have no claim against us right? Would you rather me not post updates? thought it helped the site to do this. Surely people posting updates keeps everyone in the know about these bandits current tactics? hobnail
  7. Ok cool thought it looked like more rubbish. I'll add it to my collection of threat o'grams and do nothing. Like I said before I've had no contact with them whatsover. Surely they would have to prove who was driving the car anyway (if my partner admitted to it) before they could even think about taking to court? Anyway cheers for the help again. I'll sit back and relax some more hobnail
  8. Quick update to the thread. Had a new letter today. I don't think its the LBA I'm waiting for - just another threat. Please could someone have a look and see if I'm correct on this. Cheers hobnail IMG_20200111_0001.pdf
  9. Ok cheers I'm very relaxed about it TBH. I've not contacted with them whatsoever so far. They can sent as many threats as they want I won't be loosing any sleep
  10. Hi guy thought I would update you all. Got this new letter just before Xmas its not a LBA as far as I can tell but it looks like they have sold the "debt" on to a new company. Is this a new tactic of VCS Ltd???? If so can I just expect more threats thru the post or could I now get the LMA from this new company - Debt Recovery Plus? Cheers again IMG_20191227_0003.pdf
  11. So question Does the LBA come from the [problematic] Solicitor? And if soon how many threats is it usually before this happens?
  12. Ok got it. I always have problems with pdf uploads. IMG_20071217_0001.pdf
  13. Another update to the thread. We got this letter over the weekend. "fine" now up to £160 and likely to rise. How long before the letter before action anyone any ideas? Is the letter before action from a solicitor? cheers Won't let me upload anymore to this thread????????????? Latest_Threat.pdf
  14. Hi good people We finally got a second letter from VCS so I though I would post it here to keep you all up to date and keep the tread alive as I will be needing assistance once I get the Letter Before Action. Cheers again Finalreminder.pdf
  15. Hi brassnecked No I've ignored them so far. Told to just wait until I get the LBA from them. Just thought it strange I've had no more threats from them since. I was expecting more "fear" thats all. Not that I'm worried tho
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