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  1. Sorry about the delay on this, I have been very busy. I have received no further response from them.
  2. Response saying it is referred to their client and they are suspending collection for now.
  3. Here is the letter (PAP) I received. In addition to this I received a 'final demand before proceedings' shortly after I received the PAP and well within the 30 days I had to respond. My response to the PAP as per advice from here is further up this thread. 04092019, 1607 Office Lens.pdf
  4. I would potentially be willing to work with the banks that I owe money to however so far the conversations have gone like this; 1. They will involve interpol 2. They have contacted my colleagues 3. They have rejected offers for being too low - all I could afford 4. They have told me to pay the amount I have offered but they wouldn't stop the interest therefore never allowing this to be paid. One debt so far has increased by approximately 588%
  5. So after reading information on other threads I have a couple of points; Action so far 1. I have ignored CWD for more than 18 months and nothing has happened 2. I have ignored IRDW or whatever they are called and nothing has happened 3. I have responded to Moriarty to see what they come back with due to them issuing a LOC / PAP I would also be interested in; 1. I am being chased by a number of banks that actually advised me to sign the form and they would complete it as the debts I had would stop me from getting the credit. I was desperate and I was trying to find a way out and no documents provided are in my writing. 2. If need be I would like to find a lawyer as I have family members that would like to support me in fighting this. 3. A few DCA's and one that previously operated on behalf of ADCB emailed every email they could find for people in my company. Lets see how my PAP response goes and I will be back after that!!
  6. Any update on the legal firm you used @SquaddyP
  7. I fully agree. I am interested in finding a lawyer that can help with this case if it goes further however that does seem difficult.
  8. I am interested to hear who you got paid legal advice from, I am sure this would also be helpful to others.
  9. Thank you. I have removed the the tick in item g. I will post more once I have uploaded the redacted documents and will ensure I track this to conclusion.
  10. Hello Everyone, Another one that has received exactly the same PAP as the others. I have responded as below but I have not included a CCA as it doesn't advise this on UAE debts. Response as below; Ticked Box D and stated I don't recognise the debt and I have yet to receive any paperwork to the contrary. Ticked Box G advising that i am seeking legal advise in regards to the letter from Moriarty. Ticked Box I and requested all the documents as advised in the sticky. I plan to post this today.
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