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  1. £7k without interest, double that with interest. They previously offered a settlement of £4k which I wasn't in a position to accept.
  2. and would you recommend a 'without prejudice' offer to the bank rather than Moriarty?
  3. Moriarty Email.pdf Now I have received this via email. Still nothing received regarding regarding the original requests. I have written to ADCB making an offer.
  4. As expected. They still haven't given me what I asked for after 9 months of the request being sent to them.
  5. They came back with this document! ML Document.pdf
  6. Agreed. Let's see what they send next. I bet it won't be any documentation I originally asked for.
  7. Good morning, after 8 months (not the 30 days in the letter) and after asking for the items below Moriarty have sent a copy of statements, copy of passport and a copy of an agreement and nothing else requested. Along with this was a letter that states they have sent 'relevant documents' and I have 30 days to respond or they will speak to their client and see how they wish to proceed. Any advice on next steps? · Original signed finance agreement together with the terms and conditions IN ENGLISH · Any notice of change in account terms and c
  8. Hello all, I have received a letter for a UAE debt titled 'without prejudice save as to costs' - I can't find if I need to respond to this? Cheers
  9. Sorry about the delay on this, I have been very busy. I have received no further response from them.
  10. Response saying it is referred to their client and they are suspending collection for now.
  11. Here is the letter (PAP) I received. In addition to this I received a 'final demand before proceedings' shortly after I received the PAP and well within the 30 days I had to respond. My response to the PAP as per advice from here is further up this thread. 04092019, 1607 Office Lens.pdf
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