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  1. Legend, thank you so much sir! I'll get it sent this week. What happens after that?
  2. They claim to be working on behalf of 'OCTOPUS ENERGY'. They state that all correspondence be addressed to them and not OCTOPUS ENERGY. P.S. they like to write in capitals :)
  3. Thanks for the welcome. The supplier was Octopus Energy - the debt has since been sold.
  4. Hey guys, I was using a utility supplier for 18 months. Every month, paid my direct debit on time. One day, they reviewed my account and said they had miscalculated my energy consumption and I now owe them £900. I switched energy suppliers straight away as a consequence. I am now being contacted by UK Search Limited by phone, email and text message. So far, I haven't responded and don't intend to. I've checked my credit file. The account with the original utility supplier is closed and settled according to Credit Karma. So what should I do with UK Search Limited? As far as I see it: Completely ignore them until they go away (my preferred option) Contact them in some way and dispute the debt I would be very grateful for any advice on how to proceed. I currently have an excellent credit score. Thank you,
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