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  1. I still work there, I have continuous employment with the one post but deferred the pension about 11 years ago. The other two posts were within the same school at different times but left them as they were ancillary. I have asked for wage slips but may resort to an SAR if they cannot/will not comply.
  2. I have been employed by the LA who pay my wages for a school for 23 years. I have held 3 posts at the school at different times, with one post merging into a 4th. This last one, I have paid pension into for 12 years, until I deferred about 10 years ago and found the payments difficult. When I looked at my pensions the other day there were some dates in my employment history missing. I spoke to the Pension we ran through the dates for each one and the reason for them stopping. A couple added up but the most recent one, which I previously mentioned said it had stopped and the 'contract had ended'. I'm pretty certain this is the pension I can opt back into and had carried on paying. I asked for a record of my work history from HR which also does not match up and lists a job I never did. Should I be concerned about these discrepancies? I am.
  3. Thanks! I've had several successes in the past 4 years or so which stemmed from a financially difficult part of my life around 2011/13. I was financially trapped with Quick Quid, in a cycle of increased borrowing, during this I'd opened three catalogue accounts: Studio, JD Williams and Simply Be , 2 credit cards (Aqua and Barclays) and was juggling finances. In that time I had got 2 CCJs plus 2 defaults so things were pretty tight. I was using most of my available credit until things eventually became unsustainable. When I moved house I used the deposit to pay off Quick Quid and got into arrangements to repay the catalogues. The credit card limit was still rising until 2017 when I borrowed the balance of nearly £6000 from a family member and cleared the Aqua card. The Barclaycard had already defaulted. In 2017 I began action for irresponsible lending against Quick Quid. they could not show the criteria they used to make lending decisions and kept lending to me so I won the case. I was refunded all interest and fees and charges plus 8% pa. When it was upheld it gave me the confidence to challenge JDW and SB. These were also upheld and they had to repay interest, fees and charges plus 8% from the second credit limit increase which amounted to about £1200 each. I challenged Aqua where my redress covering 6 years fees, interest and charges accrued to nearly £9000. Barclaycard was not upheld but the default was moved back to an earlier date meaning it expires sooner. All my IRL cases succeeded because none of these companies could prove that they had diligently checked my financial history. My credit report clearly showed that I was using a high or at limit proportion of available credit and that I'd accrued two unconnected CCJ's and 2 defaults throughout the lives of these accounts. Whether they should have given me the accounts in the first place was also brought into question but it was the sustained but gradual increase of CL's time and time again without proper checks. JDW were unable or unwilling to show the ombudsman what criteria they used. It only appeared that because I paid on time they continued to offer increases where in reality I was actually juggling finances like a fine balancing act. It would appear that the FOS are looking at catalogue debt as I know when my cases against JDW and SB were being investigated they mentioned this. My case against Studio should conclude soon. I was curious as to why now Cabot are trying to cut their losses by offering such a hefty discount. I can only surmise that Studio are trying to buy back the debt for less.
  4. I recently got an irresponsible lending case partially upheld by the FOS against a catalogue. The final decision is that they must repay interest, fees, delivery costs etc from a certain date. The debt had originally been sold to Cabot who I was repaying until, on advice from here, CCA'd them. They cancelled my repayments as the debt was unenforceable. They continued to send occasional requests for payment which I ignored. Fast forward to my upheld case: they have asked the catalogue firm to repurchase the debt of nearly £600 outstanding. Cabot have contacted me today with an offer to wipe 70% of the outstanding debt with 30 days to decide. I find this curious considering the catalogue company may be repurchasing the debt. I'm not really sure what to make of it. The final balance was over £1700 of which I paid £1100. Would it mean that remaining £600 disappear from the equation in any redress calculations if I did pay off the reduced balance? (I shan't by the way). I'm not sure whether to inform the Ombudsman of Cabot's move. The catalogue have not responded to the adjudicator's decision yet.
  5. Unfortunately, she had avoided opening the letter. She has mental health problems and terrible money issues. I thought I'd help her out within time but it would appear it missed the deadline somehow. The date was 27th October.
  6. She posted the form to Lowell in Leeds as advised on the form. She was told not to send it to the court. I bought online, signed for postage. The letter was delivered and signed for in Northampton. She didn't use MCOL because it said if you needed time to pay you needed to fill in the form.
  7. Hello, my daughter had a County Court claim against her through Lowell. She completed the form in good time and I posted it, purchasing a signed for label. She received a letter back from them today saying she hadn't responded in time. When I checked the signature it was two days late. The letter says 'if you do not respond to the County Court Claim within time or contact us to resolve this matter by 25/11 we will ask the Court to enter a CCJ against you' Their form was delivered/signed for on the 16th. It was posted on the 9th first class. They should have received it by (Saturday) the 14th. The letter was dated Sunday the 15th. Can we class 'contact' as the form they should have received in good time or do we still need to speak to them?
  8. Should I end it with my original name as that is who it is addressed to?
  9. Out of the blue today I received a letter from Arrow 'in relation to your SHOP DIRECT (CARVAL) account' . No idea who these are and the surname they use for me is my former married name which I changed in 2011. I've read that it could be an old catalogue debt, which if so would have been from over 12 years ago. I split from my ex husband in 2008 and didn't open an account after that in my old name. I've never acknowledged a debt to them and given that it is over 6 years old could it now be statute barred?
  10. I CCA'd these last year and Mortimer Clarke said they couldn't produce the original agreement they cancelled my direct debit and said they would not be pursuing me until they could. Now Cabot are chasing me. Several phone calls, voicemails a day and at least one letter a week. They have now sent me a letter saying they would be sending an agent to the house. I get that they are upping the anti because the debt becomes statute barred next August. What do I say to them if they call to the house?
  11. I had a letter addressed to my old name from Search Squad today. Pretty sure it's from my old account, too much of a coincidence. I'll just ignore it and see what happens with my payout as directed by the fos.
  12. Thankyou. Does this apply to other financial awards too, not just PPI?
  13. Not sure which section to post this in: A few years ago I had a credit card. It defaulted in 2006 and eventually became statute barred before I moved house following my divorce some years later. I'd reverted back to my maiden name later and got another card . Recently I had a case of irresponsible lending upheld against them and am now awaiting a pay out. The 2nd balance was already cleared. Since the cards are with the same lender can they take my pay out and off set the outstanding balance on the first card even though it is a different account in a different name and address?
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