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  1. So which letter would I send first? I have done this before with bank charges with the help of this site but it was years ago and i have no idea where to start I worked out the charges and also the interest the other week , but do i just write and ask for the charges back first , or is it the LBA i send
  2. Do i write back to Kensington , or do I go through FOS ? , I did a draft of a letter to send the other week requesting the charges be refunded , but waited to see what they said, only charge they refunded was £40 from 2013 which is the only one in the 6 year time frame , before that there is about £2000
  3. I had emailed my mortgage company to query why when our mortgage was interest only do we now owe more than we originally borrowed , we are currently selling and have a shortfall of just short of £7000 , where as if we still only owed what we originally borrowed it would be a shortfall of around £2000 , the mortgage was originally first National, then GE and in 2016 changed to Kensington they sent me copies of statements dating back to when we took the mortgage out in 2006 in the early days there were late payment charges , additional interest , a field agent visit fee which never actually happened , eventually we got taken to court and was given a suspended possession order and made and arrangement to pay the arrears which we did , so I couldn’t see where the extra 4500 grand came from
  4. I’ve been hanging on claiming for a few weeks as mortgage company wrote to me saying they were looking in to my complaint , I’ve received a response stating that because the majority of my fees were a long time ago , it is longer than the time limits set out in the financial conduct authority’s dispute resolution rules for handling complaints, (6 years) so that was their final response and if I disagreed to complain to the ombudsman . So now not sure what to do
  5. i cant seem to attach it, but been through it again and it looks ok , which letter do I send them now and do I add a copy of the spreadsheet too?
  6. So it works out £2897.39 in charges and £ 2461.22 in interest
  7. The charges were added when it was with GE Money , Kensington took over it in 2016 What is a reactive fee due / loan reop instalment?
  8. its ok ive sorted it , its going to take me forever haha
  9. i have downloaded the spreadsheet but it keeps telling me its in read only mode ? and I have no idea how to set one up myself
  10. Yeah it’s coming back to me I’ll have a go tomorrow and see what it comes up with , then shall be writing and asking for it back , although I don’t hold out much hope, Kensington were a waste of space when I rang up to query why we owed nearly £5000 more than we originally borrowed , even they didn’t know
  11. Been going through the charges there is nearly £2000 in admin and unpaid DD and £500+ in additional interest charges just need to add up the reactive fee ones, can I claim interest too? I’d put them all into a spreadsheet but have forgotten how to do it , it’s years since I claimed back the bank charges so I have no idea how to do it
  12. I have just received a lifetime statement for our mortgage as I had queries over why when we had an interest only mortgage do we now owe more than £4500 than what we originally borrowed, my thinking was if say we originally borrowed £100000 at the end of the term we would still owe £100000 which they agreed, our mortgage started off with first national, then GE Money then was taken over by Kensington in 2016 . The reason for my query was we have currently sold our house and have negative of around £7000 but should really only have negative equity of around £2400 , this mortgage started in 2006 we did have problems with payments in the early days but there are numerous admin charges of £40 returned DD charges of between £20 and £25 and a field agent visit of £85 and I know we never ever received a field agent visit the one thing that is really puzzling me is the are numerous charges ranging from £1.50 to £23 for a reactive fee due (LRO) reactive fee , additional interest charges ranging from £2 to £9 , there are solicitors fees too but we were taken to court and given a suspended possession order , but there are now no arrears on the account and haven’t been for around 6 years now . Can I reclaim any of these ?
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