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  1. Hi. On the spreadsheet, the interest payments only stopped in July 2019, I have not paid anything to them since 2011. CT is claiming that all deadlines to pursue a claim with the Ombudsman has long passed including the original claim for PPI to pay for the loan when off work due to ill health. The National Debt Line said I should ensure that I can provide the 'exceptional circumstances' why any deadlines should be ignored and they stressed would be key to the Ombudsman accepting the claim as valid. This backs up what CT are saying, no point in looking at your cliam further as the deadlines have passed - NOT with 'exceptional circumstances' it hasn't. My claim is for: 1. My mental health condition at the time the claim was made (they can not say they weren't aware of that as they refunded £1700 insurance fee). 2. When a PPI claim was made, they never really dealt with it but updated the credit file from 2013 to 2019 as 'settled' therefore I would be right in presuming the dept was in fact settled, they wrote on my credit file it was. 3. They then updated the file in 2019 with missed payments and added a long term debt of £24k to the file, which they refused to change in 2019, but did change in December 2021, all of which I have screenshots of. This caused me issues with credit as the score had flatlined for over two years until they did change it. 4. CT was deploying a deliberate attempt to 'buy time' to take me past the past six years deadline. After a long chat with Ombudsman, they have said my reasons for 'exceptional circumstances' are realistic and should be made as part of my claim. 5. My claim is for all of the 24k to be statute-barred/outstanding debt denied. 6. I am also seeking compensation for none payment of PPI and making it a condition of the loan acceptance and compensation for unlawful credit file entry causing considerable problems with seeking even simple basic credit such as mobile contracts. The claim is now with the Ombudsman and as long as I can overcome any issue with time limits, I will be fine and looking forward to nailing them to the rafters. I have received an email from the Ombudsman saying the claim has been received.
  2. Hi. As an update I have now spoken to the Ombusman Service and in the process of making my complaint. I will do further updates when known. Many thanks for your continued help and support, much appreciated.
  3. Hi. Many thanks again. I will go throught he data again and report back.
  4. Hi. Many thanks. I have now downloaded the CLsheet and will get to work on that. Given this is now their final response, should I now start the Ombusman complaint? I have nothing more to say to Central Trust and I did feel this is how it would turn out.
  5. Hi. I have now received their final response to my complaint which is difficult to understand. But they do reject all my areas of complaint as well as suggesting the time limit to complain has elapsed. They also don't appear to cover the statute barred complaint despite saying I did make the complaint. I am not sure if I can upload this due to the amount of personal information? There are four pages in total.
  6. Hi. Yes, they start on page 70, I will attach here for you. Now attached, I have sanitised them. DOCS.pdf
  7. I didn't know that. I have an update today on my credit file, all the payments from June 2019 have changed from MISSED to ON TIME, but still shows a balance of 24k plus.
  8. Hi. Many thanks for your continued help. I will follow the advice and not get involved with phone calls, email only. The house was repossessed by the mortgage company Southern Pacific not Central Trust, but they did try some years earlier. They seemed to be taking it in turns at one point. I don't remember saying the debt had been sold to them or anyone else, as far as I am aware the house covered the mortgage, I have never heard from them. I just don't understand the figures or the terminology they used to explain the costs, find it baffling and far from clear.
  9. Many thanks for your reply. Once this is done, there is going to be a balance, they said as much last week when I spoke to them that they will still be looking to claim the full 24k, to which I said ANY amount will be rejected and it will end up with the Ombudsman. I understand I have to give them the opportunity to rectify the matter before moving to the Ombudsman once I have their final response/deadlock letter, is this correct?
  10. Hi, Now attached. Appreciated. statement recovery.pdf
  11. Hi. I am told I will see the chnage to the credit file which maybe January before it shows up, I will know more once that is live. I have now received their recovery summary, I can't say I understand it. Is it safe to upload to here? It does map out all the costs. That is correct, the house was repo'd 2013, but 12 years would be 2025?
  12. Hi. Many thanks for your reply. They maintain 12 years starts from 2013 not 2008, but still waiting on a written breakdown and what they are saying. I should have written PPI, thats correct, my apologies.
  13. The guy, I spoke to said 'he was in a new role and was case manager to a number of historical cases'. It's likely other CAG members can expect something. Here is my update: After 2.5 years of nothing, I have this week received an email, phone call and text. My credit file, which they recorded Late Payments, was also suddenly changed to Missed Payments, yet nothing was noted for the previous five years. The issue after speaking to them, was the date I consider the loan to be statute-barred, was a start date of Nov 2008 (12 years ending in 2020) But they are saying the first date is 2013 when the house was sold by the mortgage company and the shortfall being sold to them. I have had zero contact with them for a decade or more, when I contacted them in 2019 for incorrect information on my credit file, something they refused to change. They have accepted that interest payments would be statute-barred (2 years), so their record of the outstanding balance is not as high as they say it is, but up to the last call they had no idea what the outstanding balance was made up from, original loan 11k, the balance is now 25k. The next issue is the PPI's,(edit by DX) when I was unable to work due to ill health they refused to pay out on grounds of 'illness being present before the insurance was taken out'. I have told them I will be revisiting this at some point due to still waiting on a reply from them in 2017 saying they were still looking into it. Today I received an email now saying that my credit file has been updated to show NO missed payments - this is some turnaround from their original 'we will remove it when you pay the full balance. I will continue to check to see when it does change. I am far from clear why they apologised and changed it. I have however stressed that when they suddenly started to report missed payments on my credit file, it gave me all sorts of issues with even simple things like a mobile phone contract. For the moment, I am waiting for two more decisions from them. 1. How is the balance outstanding made up, interest, fees etc. and 2. What they want from me, will they write it off due to statute-barred? Or ask for a payment? As for payment, I have stated (which has been recorded) I will dispute any request for payment and move to the next stage of Ombudsman, in which they can also consider a compensation claim for the incorrect credit file recording which has sat there for 2.5 years (I have taken a screenshot of this) as well as the PPIs complaint which they accept was not 'fully dealt with', whatever that means. The guy I spoke to was pleasant, not a glimmer of threats or abuse as before, and today they did something I didn't expect, emailed to say my credit file has had all missed payments removed. I am far from convinced this positive step is the start of a pleasant relationship with them, I don't trust them one inch, I am certainly guarded. But for the moment I need to wait on what they want from me. I have made them aware of my circumstances, and certainly not in a position of paying anything. I also had a chat with the National Debt Helpline, and they told me the same as CAG did. I will keep this updated as it now looks to become an end result, whatever that result will be.
  14. Many thanks Andy. Much appreciated. I will do the required research.
  15. Hi. And that is good news Andy? I find it all confusing, not knowing what I am looking at or what it means. Do I need to do anything ? I really appreciated all the help given, my apologies if I come across a bit stupid.
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