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  1. Many thanks Andy. Much appreciated. I will do the required research.
  2. Hi. And that is good news Andy? I find it all confusing, not knowing what I am looking at or what it means. Do I need to do anything ? I really appreciated all the help given, my apologies if I come across a bit stupid.
  3. Now attached the letters log. Is this what you mean? BOOK LETTERS.pdf
  4. Hopefully I have got this right. This is in the excel page marked letters. Noted as 'Default' - 07/07/2008. Noted as 'Default Sum Notice CCA' - 08/10/2008. There are then a loads of entries with the same sort of wording. Hopefully I have provided the right information?
  5. Hi. I have screen shot part of the document. When I click on any of the dates or areas, nothing appears to be hidden with in it. Just a log of dates etc, under the title letters.
  6. Hi Andy. I have today received a digital file from them with various documents. I don't fully understand most of it, but noted that the loan was first defaulted 7th July 2008. What else do you need from the documents that is helpful? The original loan was £8500.00. So a whole load of fees have been put on, and that doesn't take into account what I did pay. The figures are all on an excel file with letters I don't understand. Interesting documents when I made a complaint, and used a Company, over why they sent the PPI money back rat
  7. Many thanks Andy. I have made the DSAR request today.
  8. Hi Andy. Are you saying i don't have to reply to their letter? I was presuming I would have to write to someone and get them to make it statute barred. If they are now going to continue updating my credit file, I will need to do something. Many thanks.
  9. Hi Andy. No it was a secured loan, 100% not a second mortgage. Length of time I think was 10 years.
  10. Hi Andy. I made no payment to them from about August 2012, I was fighting a loosing battle and just gave up, same with the mortgage. The last contact of any sort from them was 2012. Not a glimmer of anything, no phone calls and I have the same phone number, and the first letter I have had since 2012 was the one attached above, sent this week. its near to seven years since they bothered to make contact. I have never seen any form of balance sheet. The original loan was £9000, when I became ill and unable to work, they sent about £1600 as
  11. Now attached Andy. rob.pdf
  12. Hi Andy. An interesting development. I have had a letter, clearly spurned on by my complaint to Equifax. They appear to have agreed to the the dates. But they are going to chase the debt and but they have now stopped adding interest. Am I able to upload the letter securely for you to read?
  13. Many thanks. I will get on with that.
  14. H Andy. I will do a DSAR request. The original default was dated 2010/11 and I have not received any communication of any sort from them since summer 2012. I also never received any form of balance sheet once the house was sold. Is it worth while making a complaint to the ICO? I will keep you posted. many thanks again for your help. Appreciated.
  15. Hi Andy. Your prediction is correct. Received an update via Equifax as follows ' I can confirm that this account is NOT settled and there is an outstanding balance of £24,743.66 which the customer needs to pay. The customer's property was sold in 2013 and this resulted in a shortfall to Central Trust of the above amount. There is no change to be made to the customer's credit profile. ' Do I now go to the Ombudsman? Many thanks in advance.
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