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  1. Well the claimant have since sent letters with information I have requested that were never originally sent, I know this as they do not match the information sent via emails at the same time so my trust with the claimant (parking eye) is on a very thin thread. I never received the paperwork sent from the courts, this could have been sent and I just never received it. If i cannot have it set aside then it's not a huge issue, I do not plan on taking anything out on credit for a while as I am saving for a house deposit so this just gives me a longer period of time to save until it drops off. All the information online is confusing which is why I came here in the hope someone would know what they were talking about and "dumb it down" for me
  2. The car was registered to my address, at the time I was unofficially living at my boyfriends due a relationship breakdown in the home. I know not being able to provide any evidence for this will not help as the court paper work could have arrived at my home address eaa but I never received it. Thank you for this, I will have a read over it.
  3. Where can I find the information for points a & b? I do appreciate the help but I find you throwing points around with little information as to what CPR 13.2 & CPR 13.3 very unhelpful. I did not know I had the option to set a CCJ aside until recently when I was looking into something else and I found this information on the direct gov website which is why I paid the balance of £197 to parking eye in June 2022 and only now I am querying the possibility to have it set aside. Information regarding CCJs is limited online unless I want to pay a solicitors to have it removed for me which is why I have come on here to seek some advice. I would also like to point out that in no way did I "disagree with your assessment" I am unsure as to where you picked that up from, I followed on from your message with information I had read online that you hadn't included in your original reply, this was not a disagreement it was me asking a further question based on other information.
  4. Thank you for your reply. I have read some information on applying to have a ccj set-aside and one of the reasons you could potentially have it set aside is because you did not receive the original paperwork which I have emails dating back to 2018 which state I never received the paperwork and I did ask parking eye for another copy to be issued so I could appeal to POPLA. I never received the paperwork from the court, I had to contact the courts directly to query the CCJ, again I have an email thread showing this. I have never disputed the amount that is owed as I did park for 12 minutes without a ticket, this was at 4am and I thought the carpark was owned by Manchester City Council who provide free parking between 8pm and 8am - I was wrong. What information would I need to provide to the courts to have the CCJ set aside based on the fact that I did not receive the original paperwork.
  5. I am sorry if there is already a post explaining this, I am still trying to use the website so I am unsure how to navigate. I have a default on my credit file for a 118 loan that I am making minimum repayments on - the loan is £2000 and I am making £10 payments a month This does appear on my credit karma report twice, one from Madison CF UK ltd & Lowell, I have asked for one to be removed on a number of occasions and this has never been actioned, so advice on how to tackle this would be great! Back to my main point, the default started in 2017 so by 2023 it should be removed from my credit file (?) what happens if I have not paid of the balance by then? can they attempt to have it put back on my credit report, once it has been 6 years and it has not been paid can they take it to a judge for a CCJ? I am incredibly confused as to what happens to an unpaid defaulted debt after the 6 years. Thank you in advance for your help
  6. Hello, Back in 2019 parking eye issued a CCJ against me, I paid this off in 2020 and it is now showing as satisfied on my credit file - I am guessing after reading over this forum it will remain there until 2025 once the 6 years have passed. I have been working over the past year to gather information to present to the courts to have the CCJ removed, to cut a very long story short ( 2017 - 2020 to be exact) I tried to set up a repayment plan with parking to pay the £100 fine for the ticket, they refused this on 3 occasions and in emails stated that in order to set up a repayment plan I would need to submit a claim form which they will review and come to a decision. They sent numerous emails saying that they refuse to communicate with me further, they allegedly posted the court forms which I never received and I asked for a copy via email - this request was ignored by them and the CCJ was issued. I paid the £197 to them in 2020 to cover the fine and the charges for the court fees - the happily set up a repayment plan for this via email. I recently sent them a complaint via letter and with this I asked for all copies of letters and emails to be sent to me, the have ignored my complaint but issued the requested paperwork, amongst this is 3 letters agreeing the initial repayment plan that I tried to set up back in 2017 - considering all communication was done via email and I have emails from them stating that all repayment plans must be submitted by claim form I am confused as to where these 3 letters have come from, they were never sent via post. What is even more confusing is they sent an email agreeing the £197 repayment and not letter - surely they would be consistent with the way they send information? Has anyone been successful with having a CCJ removed? what information should I present to the courts? I do feel with the lack of consistency on their part and the fact I never received the court forms I could stand a chance with the courts agreeing and it being removed but I am unsure. Any help is greatly appreciated
  7. They have changed the procedure part way through. It has gone from the sick notes being accepted as a picture via text to them suddenly needing the originals. The fees are for a learners agreement, but my understanding of what ive learnt so far is that they are not allowed to withhold ssp, any monies owed need to be recouperated after the ssp has been paid. Although employers cannot claim it back from the goverment they are still elgally obliged to pay it. This is why ive asked, just to clarify what ive learnt along the way. They are dismissing me as I have been off with depression during my probabtionary period.
  8. I was meant to go and hand them in today but she told me not too, to take everything on Monday so they are being posted signed for to arrive on Friday.
  9. I'll keep this short and sweet. I have been employed by a large company for 4 months, I was put on 6 month probationary which is standard. Within my first month I was put onto a year training course and signed a document that stated if I leave within two years I will have to pay back the course fees, at the time I didn't think much of it, I planned on building a career with the company. Fast forward a few weeks and I was signed off for 3 weeks with depression, I got sick notes from the doctors and sent pictures to my manager. I asked if I could go back to work as I felt fine and my manager said no, unless I had a fit note. My doctor said I did not need a fit note, as stated on the sick note, he even said my manager could call him and he would verbally confirm that I was able to go back to work. I passed this information on and she insinuated that I was lying in terms of my doctor giving permission for her to call him, he under no circumstances was going to discuss my health with her, he was only going to verbally confirm my right to go back to work (I have a voice message from the doctor giving permission) She told me my pay was suspended as I hadnt provided the original copies of my sick notes, the first week she was happy for this to be sent via text but then changed her mind this morning, she needed the originals with payday being on Friday. She asked me to go in today for a formal meeting, I agreed and said 1:30pm as it was a time to suit us both, I then missed a call from her, she left a message asking me to go in on Monday for my return to work and probationary meeting, but she will still not release my SSP as I am in breech of the learning agreement and I owe the company money. Are they legally allowed to not pay SSP? I am in the process of writing a letter to HR to question the learner agreement within my probationary period and if this is legal. Any advice would be a big help! Thank you!
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