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  1. These are the first emails they have ever sent to me. I think back in the very beginning, before I was wise to some of the ways and the methods they employ that I had entered my details on the reply to the PAP, likely that I signed it too........... Not come across a N180 just yet.
  2. Evening, thanks for re-opening this thread. This update is in relation to the account in my name only. The other one has had no updates at all. On 24 Aug 21 I received a letter from the solicitors, MC, via email. Also attached was a document that had CCA, default notice, letters from Next and Cabot as well as a long list of statements and a copy of their original PAP letter. I did not at the time recognise that the documents were attached and mistook the email for one that was fishing, so ignored it. Fast forward to Friday of last week and I received a follow up email and attached letter from MC. Seems like they want to take some action again. Attached PDF contains: 1st letter, CCA, one page from the statements, default notice, letters from Next and Cabot about the selling of the debt and the letter from MC sent on Friday. Any advice on what my next action should be? MC Letters & CCA.pdf
  3. Update - this reply from Cabot in relation to the CCA request arrived today. I understand that this is their standard response. Interesting that they advise that they do not have a CCA yet MC tried to pass off the previously posted documents as CCA. Irritating that they sent the reply to my request to my old address despite my updating them. Is there anything I can do about this? 20201209-CCA Reply-CAG.pdf
  4. I received the attached reply to my letter that was sent to notify them of my change of address. This is crazy, I merely stated that I was referring to the account number and that my address was........ Is this sent to try and trick me to acknowledge something? 20201203-COA Reply-CAG.pdf
  5. Thanks DX, I'm happy that there are no valid reasons for them not to send us documents via royal mail - they were after all perfectly capable of sending these two letters. The 12+2 days end on 7 December so I will ensure the DD's are cancelled for these and the Hoist one that is also being paid monthly on that very date.
  6. Received initial reply to CCA requests from Lowell in relation to the Cap One £4k and Argos Card. Both are identical with exception of account information. Do I now get my partner to stop the payment arrangement? 20201202-CCA Reply CAG.pdf
  7. As advised - here are the documents received minus the I& Form. Pages 1-6 are a copy of the 'Original Agreement'. Pages 7-8 are a copy of the 'Notice of Arrears'. Pages 9-10 are a copy of demand for payment with an accompanying statement. Edit to add - A list of lenders is an Annex to the 'Original Agreement' but omitted from here due to being a long list of ID's. 20201127-CPR Docs Reply-CAG.compressed.pdf
  8. All noted, and thank you. What should I do next? Especially as they have again sent to the incorrect address despite acknowledging my letter. I am thinking that if I email them to highlight the address issue and then wait and see?
  9. Update - still no sign of the N279. Today received the attached letter from MC in reply to my CPR letter. They advise they have requested that the court stop the claim due to an administrative error. Further informs that they are providing a copy of the: Original Agreement, Notice of Arrear, Default Notice, Statement of Account. What is provided is: A 6 page document titled 'Zopa Loan Contract Summary, including Loan Conditions', Notice of Arrears, Demand for Payment of the outstanding balance, List of Payments made to the account, Income & Expenditure Form. There is no Default Notice - the Demand for Payment refers to a Default Notice in the text but it is not provided. Issues that may or may not be relevant: No Default Notice Letter was sent to my old address (even though I updated address to them with CPR) Letter dated 13/11 arrived today 27/11 - they ask for reply within 14 days Balance includes Court & Costs (they said it was an error so should this be removed?) Thoughts? I can upload other documents received a little later if required. 20201127-CPR Reply-CAG.pdf
  10. Thanks CBJ Fingers crossed for a similar outcome.
  11. Thanks for the support over the weekend. I posted 10 letters in total today. All 13 accounts swept up in there one way or another, either a CCA or just plain old change of address. Waiting game now.
  12. I have now completed all letters. I am either sending a CCA or a change of address to the DCA's listed for all 13 of the accounts above. Question in relation to the Court. My recent Claim Pack was sent to old address, when I logged into MCOL I updated my address in the system. Do I still need to write a letter to advise of this?
  13. I'm not taking anything for granted anymore, I cannot afford to. I am providing CCA's to the ones that are in receipt of £10 per month and will send letters to all others so that I know that I have advised them of the change of address. 12 letters for the post office tomorrow. Good to know about Hoist and BC.
  14. I see how you have read that. This is the one in my name for £6544 and last payment was around June 2017 as said in the first post of this thread. I genuinely misunderstood from earlier and will just post the letters that you advised. Thanks.
  15. This isn't one that has a payment on it.
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