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  1. OK great thanks I will fill in sticky questions and get some pics of the signs, apparently they have only just been put there but dont know how to find out when?
  2. hi, I hope you can help me. There is a phone shop in our local town and they have a small private car park for there use and other businesses in the same parade of shops as them. I have pulled in this car park numerous times and suddenly received a ticket for a 18 minute visit, I didnt see the signs, I spoke to the shop owner who said he will send a copy to the landowner and try to get it cancelled as the parking company had only just put the signs up. I have now received a 2nd reminder for this. My parents took me tot he shop to collect the phone I had repaired and they too have received a PC
  3. Yes she actually said "I can confirm that Motor fuel group have an agreement in place with a parking contractor Euro Car Parks. This agreement is enforced in multiple sites within our network where a number of significant contributing factors have required additional steps to support us in maintaining a safe and accessible forecourt to all of our customers. On this occasion we have cancelled the PCN, however we do advise that when using facilities, please make staff aware so they are able to exempt you from receiving a fine. There are signs stating if you are using the facilities you should te
  4. Hi all, Great news, I complained to the operater of that site, which is not esso but another company called motor fuel group. I spoke to a lady on the phone explaining the situation and she asked me to scan and email the pcn to her. I have just received a reply from her saying they have agreed to cancel on this occasion. But in future and to tell the staff our reg no. so they can exempt us from getting a fine if we overstay the time limit. So great new. Thank you all for your help.
  5. I have attached 4 pics in all on 2 pdfs consisting of 2 pictures of different angles of the view you have upon entering the service station, one is a close up of the 1st signage after entering which is located approx 50ft from the roadside on the right hand side and a picture of the main shop building showing 2 signs located on each end of the building but none by the door in the centre of the building which is where you enter. Esso meads pics1.pdfEsso Meads pics.pdf
  6. Thank you, I had to drive to the service station to get the pics needed also I have answered the questions below, I hope this is right? I am having trouble uploading the pics but will eep trying For PCN's received through the post [ANPR camera capture] please answer the following questions. 1 Date of the infringement - 15/4/19 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] - 25/4/19 3 Date received - 30/4/19 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012?
  7. My husband received a parking charge notice through the post stating he had overstayed the Free period in the car park which appears to be within the grounds of esso meads service station at purfleet and it advised he has to pay £100 within 28 days, reduced to 60 if paid within 14 days. Firstly he never even knew that you had to pay to park in a service station car park, he never saw any signs after receiving this charge notice he went back there to see if he could see any signs all he could see was 1 sign saying you needed to pay by phone. He has been using t
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