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  1. Thanks Chuffnut, point very well taken. As you say, it is just looking to the future and thinking through the what ifs.
  2. Hi everyone, I've read all the threads on here about the Ford Powershift gearbox problems. They've been extremely helpful and I'll start my own thread about my own case/questions. Any input gratefully received! I bought a 2015 Ford Focus Estate, 1.6 petrol automatic with 21,000 miles on the clock from a dealer in February. I owned a Ford Focus I and a Ford Focus II before and got on absolutely great with both cars, so trusted the Ford Focus III would be good news too and this is a very neat, low-mileage model. It was my first automatic, though, and to be honest I didn't even consider the possibility that what I'm buying is not a true automatic, but a dual clutch manual that is automatically operated. About March, I started noticing a very intermittent and very slight shudder in second gear. I thought it was my driving style for a while and learned how to drive through the problem. But I took a long journey earlier this month and then I could really notice it. At that point I worried, looked it up and realised what the gearbox really was and saw the scale of the problems with it. I took it back to the fairly big regional dealer who sold it to me, because they sold it with a 3 month Silver RAC warranty and I'm still in the warranty period. The dealers are being quite nice so far. They took the car for a drive and immediately agreed that they could feel the shudder and that it is not right. They tried changing the transmission oil - that didn't help. Then they sent it to a local Ford garage for a software re-set, but that hasn't helped so far either. The car is still with the Ford garage as we speak. I've got a bunch of questions and answers to any of these would welcome. Or tell me if I'm asking the wrong questions! 1. What are the most likely problems and fixes. This article https://www.caradvice.com.au/570740/ford-powershift-transmission-issues-explained-australian-boss-talks-on-troubles-and-remedies/ says the problems are: (a) leaky seals (b) clutch material and (c) the Transmission Control Module (TCM). Does this mean the standard fixes are (a) replace seals (b) replace some dodgy part of the clutch (I don’t know what), (c) replace TCM? Is there an order in which these fixes are typically tried? Other forums say the only fix is to replace the clutch pack. And another one says the only thing to do is to replace the whole gearbox. What do the experts on here think… how many powershift cars need just their seals done, or just their TCM replaced, or need a whole new clutch pack and so-on through the list of possible fixes, right up to a whole new gearbox? 2. If all the possible problems are found and fixes are made, is this going to sort the problem out, or am I going to be driving a problem car for the longer term? Different way to put it: in 2019, has Ford conquered the powershift judder? 3. How should I play things with the dealer who sold me the car? I think we’re on the same side at the moment. The car is still within the RAC warranty period. I’ve read terrible things about whether the RAC warranty ever actually pays out, but the dealer has taken the responsibility and promised they’ll sort the problem with no cost to me. I assume they’ll be claiming against the RAC and as they are a bigger player than me, probably have more chance of succeeding with a claim. I would guess it’s also in their interest to sort the problem now rather than later. Kick the can down the road and then we enter that 6 months period in consumer rights terms where they have three chances to fix the car before we potentially start talking about returning the goods. I don’t think that process is much comfort and they could probably shaft me very easily if they want. But at the moment I think we’re on the same side and I see my job as pushing the dealer to apply all of the possible fixes now and send the bill to the RAC. How can I encourage them to do just that? (If we throw everything at the problem now, it might save me paying for it myself later.) 4. OK, say things actually don’t get fixed now or they paper over the cracks and the problem comes back in a few months. What then? How much faith should I put in the principle that, within six months of buying the car, the dealer has to fix the problem unless they can prove that the fault was mine? Anything I can do to improve my chances? And, at the end of the day, is there any chance that we start talking about returning the goods or am I being completely paranoid/unrealistic? I like the car and don’t want to return it. It’s just what I want in a car, except for the experimental gearbox that I didn’t research beforehand (more fool me). But no-one wants to drive something for years with a known problem. So is this last ditch option ever going to manifest itself? If you’ve read this far, thanks! I know I make a very long post, but, previously, the replies here have said ‘the OP doesn’t give enough information’, so I thought to make it detailed.
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