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  1. UPDATE: Well, after being kept on hold for 90 minutes, I've discovered that this was apparently a purely coincidental 'system glitch', and the ESA will be paid in today. I mean, honestly. I have been assured that withdrawing the PIP claim will have no repercussions on my ESA claim now or in the future, so I suppose that's something. Thanks all for your advice, responses and good wishes, and for keeping me from jumping off a cliff over the weekend.
  2. A quick butchers at my entitlement letter doesn't mention SDP, just the Support Group bonus, so hopefully I'm in the clear there.
  3. No I'm fine there, I wasn't getting that (EDIT: Hm, perhaps I ought to have been, we all know how they dislike telling us these things) , but good to know.
  4. OK, thanks uncleb, that's reassuring. I have in fact only just now (this morning) received a letter dated 11/4/19 acknowledging that I withdrew the PIP claim and DLA ended (ten days after this happened), that informs me that I must inform ESA that I have done so (this is after *not* being told I should do this when I closed the claim over the phone ), so that's hopefully all that this is and an explanation will sort it out. Thanks again all, I'll pop back in on Tuesday (or Wednesday, if they keep me on hold until then) and let you know what happens.
  5. Hm, this is what I'm worried about unfortunately. The last thing I need at the moment is ESA giving me extra hassle as that is now my only source of income. I suppose the best I can do, if the payment has actually been blocked, is to explain that I withdrew the PIP claim because ATOS were unwilling to accommodate my disability because I was unable (rather than unwilling) to attend, and that I intend to make a new claim as soon as possible. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for that Andy. So I should actually have been paid *yesterday* (Thursday), according to that. Great. Still doesn't rule out a potential DWP late payment I suppose but perhaps I'll have to hope it's a problem with my bank.
  7. Hi, Not sure if this is exactly the right place for this, but I'm hoping someone can offer me some reassurance or advice. My fortnightly payment of ESA (which usually goes into my account like clockwork every other Thursday overnight into Friday, even during holidays) has not shown up in my account this morning (Good Friday). I obviously can't ring the DWP to ask why as it's now the Easter holiday, so now I have an anxiety-filled long weekend ahead of me. I realise it *might* just be a late payment, or even my bank experiencing some kind of delay showing transactions, but here is where it gets complicated: I was in receipt of DLA where the award was up for review and so as DLA is being phased out I was 'invited' to claim PIP. I did so and the claim was unexpectedly handed on to ATOS (in the guise of IAS). I am housebound, and all my previous DLA claims were assessed on paper by DWP due to the severity of my disabilities being recognised by the DWP Decision Maker. My GP therefore had requested a paper assessment as a matter of course, but for unexplained reasons ATOS would not allow me one and were trying to bully me into taking a very long journey at very short notice to an assessment centre. After receiving their summons to attend I asked for a home assessment as a compromise but this was flatly refused with no real reason given. I received my second and final 'opportunity' to attend but I just could not do this under any circumstances, and so I decided to withdraw this current PIP claim until I can get more evidence and support to back me up for a home assessment, and then make a fresh PIP claim. I informed the DWP of this and as expected my DLA award was duly stopped with the last backdated payment due on 1/5/2019, and everything seemed to have been sorted (if unsatisfactorily from my point of view). In the meantime, my local MP became involved and wrote to DWP and ATOS in an attempt to intervene on my behalf in time for my new claim (which I hope to get up and running by the end of May). I was not made aware at any time that declining to apply for PIP after being on DLA for over a decade would have any effect on my current ESA claim (indeed the annual benefit rate letter I receive for ESA states that DLA is disregarded when assessing ESA rates), but it does seem like a very strange coincidence that I don't receive the very next ESA payment after closing the DLA claim (I *did* receive my next-to-last DLA payment as normal last week, however). Am I just worrying unnecessarily and connecting dots that don't exist? Has involving my MP put the DWP's collective back up? I'm obviously not going to starve before next Tuesday, but without going into too much detail extreme anxiety with panic attacks is only one of the many conditions I suffer with and I do find this very worrying and stressful which only makes my health suffer. Thanks for any replies.
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