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  1. Thanks dx, one more question the final payment I paid 6014.71 after 6 months, presumably because the ppi was front loaded and the loan was only 5000 that final payment included the rest of the total ppi (1174 added at the beginning) if i got a rebate would it of shown on the statement as i cant remember from so many years ago!?
  2. Hi dx no it wasn't the 1st ended Jan 03 and the second started June 2004, I'm so very useless I just can't work anything outx
  3. Hi again dx, I'm so sorry I don't know how to do that and I can't see a signature ?! I'm not very good with technology I just managed to screenshot the document. Should I delete it ? Thanks for all your help
  4. And the second is here which was paid for 31/48 months. I just can't seem to fathom out and calculations
  5. Afternoon, sorry to ask something again I have actively searched the forums and found some spreadsheet but im still at a loss as to how you get a guide figure of PPI redress. I have 2 more loans from a SAR that I need a figure for. This is the first if I can manage to copy and paste correctly..
  6. Thanks so much for your quick reply! He received electronic statements (after we lodged the miss sell claim) which told us that his PPI over 2003 to 2006 he paid was 1661. He defaulted the account in 2007 and all it said on the forms was passed to lloyds recoveries. 2 years on and an account he didn't think had any default actually does after he rec'd the statements and seen. I assumed then once the ppi check was complete any amount owing he would lose to offset, yet the letter of redress he got yesterday says he is due 3234 into his nominated account. So confused as to whether he will receive it or not now. I know payments is a different department whether they decide there or not I have no idea? He had best not get his hope up! Payment is due within 28 days of the letter.
  7. Hi there, I'm new to the forum just looking for some advice please. The past few months I've been helping my brother reclaim PPI on his old cards and loans. Yesterday he received an upheld letter from Lloyds bank from an old tsbloan. The loan defaulted in 2007 and he has never received a ccj or debt letters for many years. It is statute barred. The PPI award says they will refund him £Xxxx into his account ending xxx (Barclays) which we supplied on the questionnaire, within 28 days. It doesn't mention offsetting any monies which I assumed would be the case. Has anybody had a similar situation and is it the case that he will receive the refund into his bank or can they still offset this ?! Thankyou in advance
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