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  1. To be fair if you’ve been abroad for years most likely I imagine you’ve violated some terms & conditions of having the accounts potentially open whilst you aren’t a resident in the U.K.. I’d imagine regardless you’d struggle with credit history as you won’t have 3 years of U.K. address history too, so it would be at least 12 months before many lenders would probably provide you credit from reading similar articles around it. Just playing devils advocate here… Did you let them know you were abroad or providing an address to send things too in the U.K.?
  2. After having I think 1 letter in nearly 2 years from PRA they’ve sent me one last week stating they will be transferring it over to Moorcroft.. I’m assuming they just mean getting them to do the legwork rather than a sale of the account as there’s not a notice of assignment or anything
  3. Ok thanks DX for your help appreciate it ever so much. Will keep you updated. h
  4. this has been on my mind the past few days and I can’t help but feel it’s all a bit unfair as a system. In hindsight I’d have been better off not making any payment at all & just defaulting 5 years ago with the OC. AG aren’t a creditor, they didn’t extend me any credit (in fact I’ve not had the ‘credit’ for 4-5 years to begin with due to the repayment plan) yet they can put a default on my file in 2021 that potential lenders will see until I’m almost 40.. For me any agreement was terminated at the point of debt sale. Which again was 2 years back now.. Just having a moan/rant I suppose. I understand that’s the way it is & the situation I’ve gotten into. But still stings.
  5. Frustrating after almost 6 years after the payment plan with the OC but Arrow have slapped a juicy default for this debt now for April 2021 on my file and begun reporting to agencies for the next 6 years.. Saving grace is they haven’t given me a compliant section 87 default notice if they take it further.
  6. Received the attached today just to update Apr 29, Doc 1.pdf
  7. Ok thanks DX. Can I just ask what you mean here, I thought if I had a search made a potential creditor/bank would see this wouldn’t they?
  8. Yeah so it would have been 3rd month of plan June 16.
  9. I can do that then this weekend. Although neither DCA or OC reports this on my file so assume that’s not an issue? Just typing this up, can't find a direct template via the search bar so guessing its just a polite letter asking if they can look into it. When the plan began, was paid on time and feel penalised that whilst making good on my end, this is actually more detrimental than being defaulted at the time. And other creditors at the time defaulted myself. And that really between 3-6 months it could have been defaulted. And then see what they say?
  10. This is kind of what I was thinking. To me it should either be defaulted by the OC ages ago. Or when it was sold in 2019 and given to someone else. To do it now seems absurd.
  11. Hey Dx Thanks for that I think thats key - if they did and no-one else can see it say if I applied for a new card, or a mortgage that's great. They are void of my CCA request nearly a year later so from what you've said I'm happy to just wait it out now. My main worry was they'll turn around slap a D on my file, and any checks would show a new default in March 2021. I don't think that contradicts what @Peterbard said above either because at the moment there is nothing on any report.
  12. I know there's a difference between default notice, and a CRA default, which is the latter I'm concerned with at the moment if that makes sense. It states they will apply a default onto my CRA file. "report your default to credit reference agencies"
  13. Hi DX My concern here is all my defaults on my file drop next year. If they slap one on a CRA it’s stuck for another 6 years from now. I believe they ceased interest in Feb/Mar 2016 and the agreement started then. £9-10 a month, until they sold it in June/July 2019. That’s a long time
  14. Thanks I understand now. So there's nothing reported currently, ever since assignment in 2019, in fact the OC removed it a few months before too. Whats my best option to avoid the default? I can't afford paying it all at once, but being a recent (2014) a CCA is likely to be found. Should I contact Arrow to see if we can set up the plan again? I uploaded the DN they sent me a few posts above if it helps. My CCA is almost 300 days without being replied too bar a confirmation but don't think that matters in the current situation.
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