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  1. Was that for me or AlbertH? I realise it goes to original lender
  2. Sorry I have no idea how I couldn’t find it (I forgot I’d posted). Please delete
  3. Defaulted Aqua Credit Card. Debt purchased by Lowell’s/First Credit in 30/10/2013. Current balance is £1555.77. In 2014 the balance was over £2000 so either I’ve chipped away a lot with £10 a month now £1 or they’ve taken some off it. Since I’ve made min repayments to 1st/Lowell’s and have always had offers recently to 80% off if I pay £311.16 they’d wipe off the previous £1244.61... can I settle for less or even ignore it? What are my options..
  4. Is that also advisable for the further loans they asking for? I’ll send it this week and see!
  5. So I ridiculously had this overdraft since 26th August 2008 and left it in the overdraft for nearly 10 years I believe. they then requested repayment and removed the facility so I hit a default. I was then paying £10.00 into the account on a plan. Since PrA got involved they closed the NatWest account as I can’t send money into it (as I was doing to pay it) anymore. They offered lately for me to pay £955.59 as a one off discount. They keep contacting me to make an arrangement. The balance is £1005.88 (I’m fairly certain they reduced some charges before closing it- I think it was left in the -800/900 for years without charge)
  6. I never have to be honest. Their recent discounts are way off what they were before. Used to be 75% off and such. ill CCa them tomorrow
  7. Ah no DX apologies. its never defaulted. We had a an agreement in place whereby they didn’t default the account so every statement that came through had the interest frozen and I was just chipping away at it. which is why this doesn’t make sense. Surely it has to default before they sell it? I’m totally ruined if this Company now applies a default .
  8. I had an old Aqua Card in 2008, defaulted a few years after and has since gone off my file and I've been paying £1 a month. It got sold to 1st Credit who kept offering massive discounts to settle, but since it's moved to Intrum. The remaining balance is close to £1600. How do I proceed, is it just a CCA?
  9. I have a Account with PRA Group for a Natwest Student Overdraft (Opened 2008 defaulted 2016) . I am getting a lot of letters from PRA asking for payment/settling my account offering discounts (of about £100). Do I continue payment plan as before? I can't CCA as they are an overdraft I believe
  10. I have had a long term agreement (via CAB) with Vanquis whereby they froze my card and allowed me to pay off a sum each month to tackle the debt, without interest. I've since this month have had a letter from them & Arrow Global stating a notice of assingment. (Think the account began in 2014) The account has been sold to Arrow and payments should be made to Arrow. I've check (MSE/Karma/ClearScore) and it's completely gone (the account) but understand that it may reappear. I've had no default or default notice that I'm aware. I'm a bit confused whether I continue my agreement (as they will pass the payment on as it's set up) or get in touch.
  11. I've since received a new letter. This new letter now has 4 other accounts on it from Lending Stream. (Not the one above) It states 'as you now have more than one account with us' they've given a reference number for them all. Note I've not received any information about these from them until now, not that they've brought the debt or anything. What do i do? CCA these as well? The previous post you mentioned they are a DCA, I'm certain their letter told me they'd purchased the £49 debt.. that's different isn't it? I'm a bit scared now
  12. Do you think? And I know this is against probably your process, but I should contact them & make a final offer just to get rid of it: as the agreement isn’t even with the correct details/cca details, potentially ask for removal of default too?
  13. I’m uncertain how they got it but they’ve sent me three texts demanding contact since. Do I just ignore them is that what you are saying? I don’t wish to end up with a CCJ suddenly. are we right in saying that agreement isn’t worth anything as it doesn’t even have a name on?
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