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  1. Had an absolute nightmare getting these. Couldn’t get posted out, only to the bank for collection.. I’ve received statements (on actual statement paper not just A4) from around 2008-2013. The account is shamefully from inception pretty much always overdrawn or made right to instantly overdrawn again. A few charges nothing major, but there’s nothing from 2013 onwards... I don’t understand. I’ve letters about charges in that time frame.
  2. Update: My lending complaint was rejected as they’d already responded to a complaint a few years ago which I didn’t realise (old Email). In my complaint I noted they still hadn’t removed accounts as they said in the reply to the original complaint and added interest but this didn’t seem to get answered.. They removed 2 accounts from my credit file during the past two months and just today added them back on.. I also notice the address is still incorrect on the account on my credit file. But as I sent the CCA & they responded to my current address I’
  3. DX after reading I’m just ignoring calls & such as that seems the right action. as they will be coming up next year to being Statue Barred I understand this goes from the last date of payment. does my complaint to the original lender effect this?
  4. Do I do anything here? They have began calling multiple times this week & even contacted my old address via telephone too last month..
  5. I see, well i've requested so let's see what comes I guess.
  6. That’s what I thought but not from NW. An FAQ was included stating if I would like copies of my statements to contact them advising of the accounts & dates required. I kind of feel it’s taking the P.. that’s the whole reason of the SAR.
  7. I’ve had my SAR back Unfortunately they’ve given me no statements but in the FAQ I’ve read I have to order those on request.. doing that now theres copies of a complaint over charges a few years ago which they rejected there too
  8. Ok I’ll send a CCA. Thanks DX for your help. I’ll update when with response
  9. I’ll send a CCA to arrows then. I don’t believe I have done that, do I do this even thought Vanquis have sent me it?
  10. Hi DX So do I just leave this now? There’s certainly letters missing, I had one from Vanquis about the debt sale in certain. But it’s not in the files. thanks for your assistance so far appreciated
  11. Hi DX Its never been defaulted I looked through the log of contacts they sent me and there’s nothing there saying so either - nor any letters in the letters they’ve sent. Vanquis removed it from my credit file last year too. Odd ?
  12. Thanks DX I managed to get something to confirm and I have the docs today. I have a statement CCA, digital application I’ve attached CCA
  13. You might want to check your contract notice as you’ll need to be given that or given legal notice under 2 years (1 week), usually instant is for gross misconduct which this doesn’t appear to be. Again need to check contract but minimum 1 week I believe legally. I agree they should have better processes in place but they’ve terminated you for unsatisfactory performance they can do that. It sucks but it’s not unfair, I can see a discriminatory reason posted either so I think best bet will be to look for something new. Most likely they need to lose heads
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