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  1. I've now received a letter from EE advising me how to put in a complaint to the Ombudsman.
  2. I've never had any bill or correspondence and have not been able to access my account online. Just topup every six months or so, using 150. I was originally with T Mobile and then they advised me that they were transferring everything to EE but have no documentation.
  3. EE say that I cannot port the number - it is now lost to me forever. After twenty years I don't really want to get used to a new number. It's frightening to think that if they have given my number to anyone else who will now have access to my financial/personal details. Trying to change my number is easier said than done and so time consuming and not as straightforward as I thought.
  4. I have had my telephone number on PAYG for over twenty years. I last put credit on the phone around March, not long before lockdown. I did not leave the house during lockdown for over seven months and did not use the phone during that time as we do not have a signal at home. When I first ventured out of home after self isolation and needed the phone in an emergency I was unable to use the phone and not even able to contact the operator. I subsequently found that my credit had been taken and my telephone number cancelled as it had not been used in six months.
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