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  1. In your experience dx100uk there's no potential detriment to my case (from the court's perspective) in not engaging with them beforehand? That said, I have already let them know that I have a permit that allows temporary parking and by virtue of not 'ticketing' any car with a permit PPS are acknowledging its validity.
  2. Having submitted my defence and having also sent BWL the 31.14 request, BWL have now responded with some of the documents I requested - not the contract between landowner and themselves, just copies of previous letters. They have made a reduced payment offer of £165. they are also asking, under 31.14, for any documentation I will use in my defence, and are claiming that my defence is not compliant with CPR 16.5. I'd welcome any advice regarding how to respond to this, including how fulsome my response should be - I realise they're trying to intimidate me with their BS
  3. The “it is admitted” nonsense comes from the sticky on this site which every new defendant is directed to: ‘Closed: Received a Court Claim From A Private parking Speculative invoice?? - How To Deal With It HERE***Updated Aug 2016***'. Have a look at 'Q2) How should I defend? Here is a template for a decent Defence…' Nevertheless, I’m grateful for the advice from you both and have submitted a basic defence as you advised so will let you know what happens. As I said, I originally thought (I’m guessing like most), that being a county court this would be the only opportunity for written su
  4. I don't have a problem with the principle of KISS but wasn't aware that I would have the opportunity to expand on my submission so thought i needed to cover all points I wanted to raise. I'm also not clear what point EB was suggesting I should be submitting regarding the NTK - or even which specific document this is.
  5. It's a fair point regarding the legal speak - that's what i started off with and am just following the form I've seen dotted around here and other forums. I'm not sure I follow your reference to EB. If that's important, please expand on that - otherwise I'll simplify the language and submit this.
  6. I need to submit my defence over the next couple of days and would welcome any feedback on the following that i propose submitting. Many thanks. 1. It is admitted that the defendant was the authorised registered keeper of the vehicle in question at the time of the alleged incident. 2. It is denied that the defendant has any liability whatsoever to the claimant. 3. At the time of the alleged incident the vehicle had a permit to park at the relevant location, which is a both a church’s parking area and thoroughfare to a nearby residential area. The car was authorised to be parke
  7. Yes, sent the CPR 31.14 to BW today and the rest was already sorted.
  8. It's as I've written but I've attached page 1 for you to see. Also, notwithstanding that I'm disputing the entire claim, have I not seen elsewhere that there's a limit to what they can charge for solicitor's costs? The letter they sent me (which is item 16 in the attachment in my first post) states that this includes solicitors fees of £110. But in the claimform this is buried in two places: (1) the POC where they say "the claimant also claims £60.00 contractual costs pursuant to PCN Terms and Conditions" (2) in the figures box at bottom right where the £60.00 is within the £18
  9. ericsbrother Thanks for your advice, I'll try and sort pictures, they sent me eight, presumably to try to overwhelm me into not contending the case! What source of contract law are you quoting in saying "It doest state what the breach was and it doesnt state that they are the creditor so not even an invoice."? Is there a code of practice to which they have a duty to adhere? I will have a rummage through the forum, just wondered if someone knew. Again, thanks.
  10. Will get that done. Many thanks for taking time out to help.
  11. Again thanks for the help with this. Could I get some advice regarding your last post please. Can I email this CPR 31.14 to BW or do you think that would have less standing/not be appropriate? Is there a rationale appropriate to my case to request “Proof of planning permission granted for signage etc under the Town and Country Planning Act 2007”. I’m just after understanding how to use this information if and when it’s supplied. The site was attended by one of a small group of PPS employees each day. They would have seen the car which was parked there daily as one of onl
  12. • Name of the Claimant: Premier Parking Solutions Limited • Claimants Solicitors: BW Legal • Date of issue: 14/9/18 • Date to submit defence - 16/10/18 • What is the claim for – : 1.“The Claimant's Claim is for the sum of £100.00 being monies due from the Defendant to the Claimant in respect of a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) issued on 22/09/2015 (Issue Date) at 09:04:07 at Mount Dinham Exeter 2.The PCN relates to [MY CAR]. The terms of the PCN allowed the Defendant 28 days from the Issue Date to pay the PCN but the Defendant failed to do so. Despite demand having been made
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