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  1. Please excuse me if this is not the right forum. I live in a shared house with 2 other people. We have 11 kitchen, 1 bathroom, 1 living room and 3 rooms. Two of us are working from home. The other one was not working and is staring a new job as support social worker, where she will be going to homes of individuals with learning disabilities and assisting them with everyday life. Cooking, shopping etc. I have discussed with her previously that if she takes a job facing public or in contact with other people, I would ask for some precautions in the house as well (i.e, not being in the same room at the same time), but she has said that she will be bored and she does not want to be isolated herself. (yes very empathetic) I would like to know whether there are any specific guidance on this and how much responsibilities do landlords have in this? Just to clarify I did rent a room that was advertised, we did not rent the house together. If she refuses to keep the distance from other members of the house, is there anything to protect me? I am not leaving the house, except once a week to do shopping. I understand people need to work, but if there is an individual in contact with other people shouldn't they be keeping the distance with others in the house? That would definitely put me at risk and it is quite concerning. Can anyone provide any light please?? I am quite stressed about this. Many thanks in advance!! LP
  2. Yes I know that. It is however shocking that in the era of technology they don't want to do it because of a physical paper. Thanks anyway.
  3. Hi everyone I bought two items in mango for £34 total and when i went to return them I realised I lost the ticket. All tags are on and items are not damaged. Yesterday I was told to bring a bank statement which I did. Today I was asked to exchange it for other items IN THAT SAME MOMENT. I wasn't expecting the money back, but at least credit store to use....not just pick up something in the moment. I have lost the receipt, my fault, but it looks a bit abusive to me to ask me to pick something in the moment. Can anyone advice if this is ok? Many thanks for your help
  4. I just want yo soy that my DBS Has come through and all ok! Thanks again for all your help
  5. Yes, absolutely deserved, you are right. I won't cross my mind again, be sure about that. I won't be working directly with children by any means but in an admin post. Thank you very much for reassuring. All the best
  6. Good morning. I was trying to post a comment in my previous post of September 2018, but I can't find how to do that. I was caught shoplifting at tkmax a 12 pound item. No police was involved, I was taken to security and I had a 12 months' ban from the store and some RLP letters which I ignored as I was advised. My worry now is that I am starting a new Job for what a DBS has been requested. ( i never had a similar issue in the past, nor a DBS check requested, but,,) I know you already mentioned that if police was not involved that would never show up in a DBS check. However I am panicking a bit and as you know DBS takes a while to come back, and I am starting to panic. It is a charity related to children, although I think they have requested an standard DBS. Could you please confirm that if police was not called, that incident will not show up in my DBS check? Thank you very much for your patience. I had never been involved in a similar incident before, nor I am planning to do so, but I am quite anxious about this. I learnt my lesson though. Many thanks again Justmeac
  7. Many thanks for your help. I forgot to say that they made me sign a paper. It is a 12 months banning notice where it says I was detained by theft. They said they had me on camera and in the stress of the moment with 3 people in the room, I signed. I was scared if i didn't sign they would call the police, as they said i could be arrested. Does this change anything? And yes they used the word FINE.several times. I understand you are not supporting shoplifting. Thank you so much again
  8. Please accept my apologies if this is not the right forum. I have read a few threads before posting but I would like to check according to my situation. I have been caught shoplifting a £19 pounds make up item at tkmax. Security stopped me at the entrance and took me into a room with 2 men and one lady. They said they recorded me shoplifting and asked me if I admitted it. I said yes. They asked me an identification and took my details and address. I offered to pay the item and they refused. They said that it was an offence and I could get arrested for that, so I thought the police would be coming. They asked me to sign an admission of guilt which I did. I asked to see the cctv record and they denied it. They said they are not authorised to do that. They said I would get a letter with a fine. My questions are: Could you please let me know the consequences of this? Do I need to pay whatever amount they asked me to pay? as they did not show me the record I don't know what they can claim for. I am worried about any negative consequences, they said this is not making a criminal record but I worry that my name will appear somewhere. Finally, I am European, I have been in the UK for 8 years and have no Criminal records. Can this affect my future permanent residence ? I know it's wrong and I am not trying to excuse myself, but I would like to get some advice as I am quite worried at the moment. Very Many thanks for your help.
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