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  1. Had a few more letters, still the same format. Latest one saying they may go to court if I do not reply in 7 days and asking me to complete a income and expenditure sheet. have not replied to any.
  2. Yes and the debt went up so what a waste of time, you try and do the decent thing and get royally screwed.
  3. I did not send any money to CWD but directly to the UAE bank by transfer. I may contact UAE bank directly to say what a joke it is that I have tried to pay something and they have just increased the debt, so therefore what is the point! Probably will just lave alone though as no point poking the bear as it were.
  4. so hey have no power and only try and frighten, then make up cases to scare monger?
  5. I have read elsewhere of people being taken to UK court over these debts, is that incorrect? Should I contact them and say I have no UK assets?
  6. Hi Guys, was pointed to this forum by a friend. I left Dubai 5 years ago due to redundancy and had to leave a large loan. I was contacted a couple of years ago by CWD and agreed to pay what I could on a monthly basis direct to the bank in UAE. At that point the debt was 520,000 AED, I have managed to pay back 82,000 AED since then but my job has changed and I am not able to pay as much. I have now received a letter from IDRWW stating the debt is now 595,000 AED and that I need to contact them in 14 days! Not sure what to do and just looking for some guidance. Cannot believe I have made an effort to pay back some and the debt has gone up. Any advice or experiences I would be very grateful to hear. I do not have any assets in the UK, property is rented etc so not sure what they could do.
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