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  1. I'm assuming that it's a standard debt recovery cost they have added to each claim. Although it has gone up £10 per letter compared to each LBC from last year!
  2. I am answering in English, this thread is about 3 different pcns, which I received 3 letter of claims for. In the end I replied to all 3 of them with a snotty letter as per instructed by ericsbrothers, back in November. Since then I have heard nothing back until today, when they have sent another 3 letters of claim, hence the reason ive posted back in this thread asking for advice on what to do next. I apologise if I had misunderstood. I thought you meant different pcns than in the original post. yes it is three different pcns, but these letters
  3. Sorry I have managed to work it out and re uploaded, I hope this is correct. Yes these are the same numbers, and dates are the same, its for 3 different PCNS. Scan 20 Jan 2020.pdf
  4. I am struggling to upload as pdf, I cant work out how to do it from my mobile, even after reading the instructions. Yes I have already replied to these tickets using a letter that was recommended on this thread, and these are another 3 letter of claims linked to the same tickets. I have had no other response.
  5. So, little update, I done everything as instructed and haven't heard a peep, untill now. I have received 3 more letters of claim, almost identical to ones previously. I'll upload these now. Anyone help on what my next action should be? https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3Acce92c66-f02c-44d0-a86e-5cfe24ec4ea7
  6. I'm sending these responses off today, I just want to check one thing before I do so, should I send each letter of claim back with the reply or just reference it in my reply with their reference number? I just want to thank you all for your help so far! I really appreciate it.
  7. Ericsbrother, what send a letter in them exact words? I assume it's best to do it in writing? Would I need to reference any of the claims? I've been reading some of your responses and they do make me laugh lol!
  8. kinda sounds asif they have been going through the systems to who has and hasnt paid, then sent out the same generic scare mongering letter ? i have uploaded a pdf of the three letters i received today, which go back to 2016, are your letters exactly the same ? i dont own either of the cars that the PCN where applied to any more either.
  9. Ok I'll take photos off all letters I have received and upload them, there are three separate charges. Along with the letter of claim on the original post at the very top, the latest 3 letter of claims are linked to each charge.
  10. i have a topic that is locked as it hasnt been posted in for a long time, im not sure how to flag it to reopen it. This is related to the same situation. i have this morning received 3 Letters of claim from three PCNs applied to my wifes care from 2016. i received a letter of claim back in 2 august 2018, but didnt reply and have heard nothing untill today, im just looking for the best way to deal with this. it was a work car park which required a permit, but was not correctly displayed. here are the letters that arrived this morning, my wif
  11. I don't have access to a computer. Just a smart phone. No she hasn't moved. And I I can't link the latest letter which I have put up to the original charge, because it won't match the reference number. The rest of the paper work is asking for salary and if I own a home etc.
  12. The wife works for a car insurance company and they have a private car park, which you need a permit for. We had one in the window, but it had slid slightly down the dash, hence the charge. On the first letter from northern parking it has a picture of our car in the bay . But not of the permit.
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