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  1. I can email? I've taken photos of it all, And edited.
  2. Yes, what's the easiest way to upload it from a mobile?
  3. I don't have access to a computer. Just a smart phone. No she hasn't moved. And I I can't link the latest letter which I have put up to the original fine, because it won't match the reference number. The rest of the paper work is asking for salary and if I own a home etc.
  4. The wife works for a car insurance company and they have a private car park, which you need a permit for. We had one in the window, but it had slid slightly down the dash, hence the fine. On the first letter from northern parking it has a picture of our car in the bay. But not of the permit.
  5. Sorry for seeming silly, but what's the difference.
  6. Sorry, new to this and using a mobile device so not sure how to post a pic. I have typed it up instead. Here it is. ITS HEADED WITH DCBL LEGAL civil & commercial litigation solicitors Dear.... Letter of claim* Urgent action required. We act on behalf of direct collection bailiffs limited (DCBL) in respect of a debt due under an agreement between you and northern parking services (north east) Ltd. Please accept this as a formal letter of claim in accordance with the CPR practice direction - pre action protocol for debt claims. claiment Northern parking services (north east) Ltd. defendant My details. basis of claim You enter into an agreement with northern parking services (north east) Ltd under reference WR306386. In accordance with the terms of that agreement and previous correspondence sent to you, there remains a balance outstanding. In light of the supporting evidence, correspondence and invoices, you are liable for the sums due. amount of claim The sum claimed is a total of £482.40 together with further accuring interest as permitted under s69 county court 1984 at the rate of 8.25% (8.50% if after 02.11.12) per annum in till judgement or earlier payment. Costs will also be applied should a claim become necessary. To ensure no further action will take place please make immediate payment via our 24 hour payment line on 01302 897022 using reference number 494840. You are expected to acknowledge this letter of claim and pay the debt in full*within 30 days of the date of this letter. Failure to do so will result in a claim being issued against you WITHOUT further notice. Any idea what I should do next? Thanks in advance.
  7. Can anyone give me advice on this letter? It doesn't have any information on from when it was from. I remember my wife getting a charge for her permit at work not being correctly shown a long time ago and we ignored it, but this has been sent today. DCBL Letter of claim.pdf
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