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  1. Hi all I'm looking for some advice regarding a recent online purchase. I bought a computer monitor online last week which I had delivered on Friday. Unfortunately there are several issues with it that I cannot live with. One of them I’m fairly sure is a manufacturing defect. The monitor was fairly expensive (£450) so I contacted the retailer on Monday and asked to return it for a refund stating what faults it had. I told them I didn’t want a replacement as there seems to be QC issues with these monitors after doing some research and I'd rather buy something else. They replied instantly and asked for photos of the fault which I sent hoping they’d deal with the RMA swiftly. I hear nothing from them for 2 days so I contacted then again today and they’ve asked for photos again despite me already sending them. I’m sensing they are dragging their feet. I paid using PayPal. What are my options here? If they don’t issue RMA should I post the monitor back at my expense then raise a dispute with PayPal? The retailer has a page on their site that states, If a return is found not to be faulty they will return to buyer at the buyers expense.I was under the impression I could return an item that I bought online if its faulty. Do I need to prove its faulty? Did I even have to send photos? Does the monitor even need to be fault for me to return despite being used? Despite having a 5 star TrustPilot rating I have uncovered some horrible returns stories with this company so not sure what to do next. I was tempted just to open a dispute on PayPal but PayPal says if the dispute is not settled they will then decide whether I get a refund or not. This will teach me for not paying the extra and buying it from Amazon who have a great returns policy. Thanks for your time. Peter
  2. Received another letter from CapQuest today. Placing our account on hold for 28 days while they wait for a response from Shop Direct. Thanks for all your help guys. Only wish I'd found your excellent forum earlier.
  3. Hi Andy I posted the CCA Requests off on the 6th August. I've finally had a reply from all three DCAs. Arrow Global: We do not accept we are the creditor as envisaged but are willing to assist with the request. Collection is meanwhile suspended. Find enclosed your postal order. Cabot: We've been unable to get the information requested from the original lender so your CA is unenforceable. But please continue to pay us (pretty please). Capquest: We've forwarded your request for documentation to Shop Direct Finance. Since it's been 10+2 working days, I assume its safe to stop all payments? Cheers Peter
  4. Cheers again Andy Wife is panicking. Found some info about on another debt advice website stating if we've sent F&F letters in the past that we've admitted responsibility for the debt. I assume that these hold no weight legally if they don't have the CCA?
  5. Thanks Andy I believe Arrow Global are the people Moorcroft are collecting on behalf of. I've read up on CCA requests so will get those sent off. Do I continue to make the same payments as normal between now and the date to comply? I feel like I'm chucking money away if they don't come back with the agreements. (one can hope) Thanks Peter
  6. Hi everyone Looking for some advice regarding debts my wife and I have. So a little history. We took on several credit cards and a catalogue account. I lost my job and was unable to make the minimum payments after racking up the debt. Debts were eventually passed on to DCAs. Here is a list of them with current amount owed: Cabot £1200 (Wife, originally HSBC - 2007) Moorcroft £1800 (Myself, originally HSBC - 2006) Capquest £2200 (Wife, originally Littlewoods - 2014) Debts have been through various other DCAs such as Fenton Cooper, Arrow Global etc. apart from the Littlewoods debt. We were making token payments based on the advice from CAB while unemployed. We have offered settlement amounts to all of them several times over the years only to be ignored or refused (around 40 - 50%). Capquest's best settlement offer at the moment is 29% off. Anyway, eventually got back into work and have been for a few years, and wife increased repayments to £50 each per month in the hope of eventually paying them off to be debt free. Today we applied for a mortgage since we're paying a fortune in rent and were refused on wife's credit rating. We had a look at her credit report today and found that when Littlewoods sold the debt they closed the account with a default notice in 09/2014. From what I've learned, Capquest can no longer add any more default notices and it should disappear off her credit file eventually and we'll have to wait until then to re-apply for a mortgage. After spending some time today reading through various forums including this one, I have realised we been complete mugs paying the amount we're currently paying as it doesn't appear to have any impact on our credit ratings. Should I still be paying these idiots? Should I go back to token payments for the rest of our lives? I now realise there is not much benefit in us paying these debts off. Or is it worthwhile persisting with them to get a reasonable F&F? Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks.
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