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  1. Well yeah it was all too much. I already struggle with my health and that had gone too far. As for the dummy CCTV it was pointing exactly at my driveway because all I wanted to stop was cigarette ends being thrown everywhere (as it makes me feel low because I'm embarrassed even if the posty comes and sees fag ends everywhere thinking it's me) and to stop and visitors cars who give me support being damaged. I had a call from the HA yesterday and it appears that they reported me for the camera. I explained that it's only pointing on my property (the driveway) and they
  2. Thanks so much for the reply BankFodder. I think the thing with cameras now and stuff like that is the hassle but more importantly, the quality of life for the time being. I mean, is that going to be weeks stuck in until I've got enough evidence to submit as proof? It's pretty mashed up with law whereby before I learned a lot, I thought years ago so differently about law but then I realised what a mess it really is. I mean if I shouted abuse at them, that's my head kicked in and them getting off via a technicality or having a minimal punishment. Whereas if they shout abuse at me
  3. I'm with a housing association and recently new neighbours arrived next door. I know, potential troubles can be expected but I gave them the benefit of the doubt as I like to treat everyone as equal. To cut it all short, although things were friendly to begin with, things turned sour when they ripped me off out of money and I wanted nothing more to do with them (civil matter, I know, I walked away with lessons learned). The problems though are more than that..... - Fag ends (and spliff ends) thrown all over my property constantly. - Moving cats mess from their patch of grass
  4. All sorted (posting how it went for others in future) Yesterday after the notification of warehouse error, I sent an email saying about being unhappy about this 1 item being sent on its own without being presented with any option because of their mistake and having to pay full postage. No positive outcome was expected. Today to my surprise they've refunded the postage costs (this should have been done right away thus I expected a battle). Thanks again all.
  5. Perfect, thanks. I've got a feeling it might be hard to reject them due to the coronavirus as it will likely just be left outside but will try that. Is there an exact thing in the CRA I can quote at then regarding not giving me any option to amend or cancel my order after they changed the contract? I will try and refuse it today, otherwise I will get that letter sent to them and start a chargeback. Would I say that if they want the goods back, they pay for postage?
  6. The problem is returns postage. They don't cover the cost so with paying to return it, I'd only receive £6 refund. I'd have lost out on the £4 delivery fee and a few quid to send it back to them so not worth it. I wanted all 3 items to make it worthwhile paying £4 delivery. They took money for all 3 items and delivery fee, then today said warehouse error and 2 items are out of stock (I got refunded). I don't want just 1 item, I'd have never bought that on its own as it's not worth the p and p. They didn't give me any time to amend or cancel my orde
  7. It's due tomorrow. I saw warehouse error email 10 mins after it was sent, then logged into my account to see the 1 item had been shipped on its own.
  8. Is there anything under the consumer rights law about this? I recently purchased 3 items off a website, a pair of flip flops and 2 t-shirts. The main thing I wanted was the flip flops. The t-shirts were added to make my order worthwhile as it was £4 postage. I received an email this afternoon telling me neither of the t-shirts were in stock which was due to a warehouse stock error. They gave me no opportunity to modify or cancel my order because of this. In fact it seemed they very quickly shipped just the flip flops around the time of sending me that emai
  9. There isn't but when properties are built isn't it fair to say that if there's a boundary post in place, the fence would be built in front of that post on the land belonging to that home? So when it's sold the buyer is purchasing that fence on their land too? So generally they would be responsible for their fence? I guess I just grew up thinking the left side would always be down to me to maintain, unless as in this case, the fence is clearly located on someone else's land and it is known to belong to someone else. In the end the HA said I was given wrong info and that
  10. It's really too complex for me. I haven't even got the right tools. Plus I had a look earlier and there's a round...pipe screw/connector? The sort of thing you see under the sink linking pipes. There's a seal of some kind there and water is spraying out if that seal. When I pull the ballcock up, the water still comes out of the filler part (whereas it should stop if it's an adjustment issue?)
  11. Scrap the fence issue. I've sorted that but now it's just about the toilet situation with water loss through overflow pipe. Thanks
  12. Hello there. I'm a tenant of a housing association property. Recently I had an issue with the toilet flush system. It came under general wear and tear so they sent someone out to sort it. The guy was totally useless and on the first visit didn't have the right parts. The second he did but he bodged it. He didn't fix the flush issue but now it refills faster so I can flush again quicker. After he left, I was outside my home later that day and saw water dripping out of the overflow pipe. Concerned about this I took a look inside the tank. What happens is it fills to the
  13. So upon advice before, I sent her an LBA (I didn't sooner as after contact she would be making what seemed feasible excuses). I sent an LBA of which she dismissed and made a counter offer. I agreed to this as it seemed fair. Last month, less than half of her counter offer was paid to me. This month? I dread to think what it will be. It's £700 owed now. My question is.... Is it how I think it is? (Bear in mind as stated in previous post, this money was never lent to her, I trusted her to hold onto it until I had set plans in place to block my ability to gamble and get help with i
  14. Ex gf definitely isn't a con to others. Well, her job I will reveal now is in the NHS. I definitely dont believe an elaborate plan was set up. More to do with.... had my money.... spent it without my consent, agreed to pay me back monthly. New bf = I, nor my finances are any priority (I could be mistaken, but I dont want to chance it as nobody knows the future. She could easily say "screw you" or whatever down the line). I have sent the LBA, looked at guides here (ty to all who advised). Knowing her it will be "oh Dave, he wont go that far" and all relaxed with it. I could what
  15. Thank you, sorry for rambling on. Would a whatsapp message suffice in terms of that letter? As when I said "she doesn't want to remain in contact", it's as in, I say something to her, she reads it. I get a 1 or 2 word reply, I reply. She reads it and doesn't reply. So it's changed from how it was say a month or 2 ago before she met her new guy. I can take a hint. I'm gathering a letter would be better like you mentioned? (Which I will prepare now). The 1 thing relevant to that is when contact went distant and I made demands for £300 a month, that's when her words were "some" (p
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