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  1. Firsty, No DN, Lowlife's solicitor made a poor attempt at going through historic bank statements to prove arrears and stating that I must have been sent one, although he could not produce one. Secondly, the NOA included in the claimants evidence, differed from the one I had received from the original creditors (the dates and general layout of the letter were different). I produced the original for the judge to compare and voiced my concern about the authenticity of other evidence as lowlife seem happy to 'tweak' their evidence to suit. The judge summed it up, "There's something funny going on here" Thanks for everyone's help on this case, I just have PRA and Cabot to deal with now!
  2. The day before the hearing I received an invite to another meeting on the same day which was more important than the hearing. I wrote the judge a grovelling email of apology. The judge heard lowlife's solicitor only and also read my email. I was expecting an instant CCJ but the judge adjourned until Dec 13 Any constructive comments or tips for the hearing would be gratefully received.
  3. Understood! So realistically, what chance do I stand in the hearing?
  4. What about their Notice of assignment (DH3)? As this has completely different dates and the letter is laid out differently to the one they actually sent me, then surely this can be classed as a forgery?
  5. I received it a few days ago but have only just had access to a scanner.
  6. WS from Lowlife attached. I have not included their evidence DH2 which is pages of statements DH3 is a fake letter. I received a very similar letter but the dates are different. This letter refers to Lloyds whereas the letter thay sent me only mentions BOS. I was never in receipt of DH4, I believe this to also be a forgery. How does this affect my hearing? Document001.pdf
  7. And if i lose, but don't have any money - payment plan? £5 a month
  8. What's the worst thing that could happen at the hearing if i lose?
  9. How important is it that the claimant gets their copy on time?
  10. Can anyone comment if this is good to go? - thanks
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