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  1. Thanks, I have made no payment or given acknowledgment of liability during the 6 year period.
  2. I noticed recently that my credit status has gone from poor to good on experian. The old Barclaycard debt sold to PRA group has disappeared from it. The debt is over 6 years old since default, so I am assuming that this is because the debt is statute barred? I'm still getting a weekly email from PRA advising me how to 'manage my account'. Do I need to contact them to inform that the debt is statute barred and if I were to move, would I still need to give them change of address details? (I am renting and have done this previously). Thanks
  3. I've beaten Lowell in Court and Cabot are statute barred, I'm not going to give up on this one. 3/3
  4. Thanks for the replies, a bit of a difference of opinion? Think I'll wait out until I next hear from them and ignore the financial questionnaire?
  5. PRA have now sent me pages of statements, default notice, letter of assignment, an agreement which doesn't contain my signature) and informed me that this debt is now enforceable. They have also sent me a financial questionnaire and asked me to complete it and send it back. Do I need to do this?
  6. And in reply to my CCA request, they have returned my £1 cheque together with a copy of the default notice! not sure what's going on there.
  7. Reply from PRA (letter): It has come to our attention that we have recently sent you a letter in error. We sincerely apologise for this mistake. Due to a system error, a letter regarding legal activity was sent to you by mistake. I can assure you all steps have been taken to resolve this error and no legal action will be taken on your account at this time......
  8. I'm a bit worried I may have missed some letters. I know they were still sending letters to my former address despite me notifying them of a change of address. Today's letter says' if we do not hear from you within the next 30 days, your account may be submitted to the CC to obtain a CCJ' I will follow post 2 and also send a new cca. Thanks for the input.
  9. Thanks, I've looked back through my files and it looks like they actually did supply with a copy of the agreement a few years ago. I also have a letter of assignment and a default notice from the bank. I'm not sure which documents they are referring to have not supplied to make the debt unenforceable. Also unsure why they've sat on it for two years. Edit - Actually, looked again and it just seems to be the T&Cs of the agreement.
  10. Understood - thanks for clarity on that, so should I send another CCA request with the reply form?
  11. I had a 'letter before claim' in 2016, the advice given was that I send a CCA request
  12. ok thanks, should I also send another cca request? sent one a few years ago, they replied with some but not all documents and deemed the debt as unenforceable
  13. Yes, several times but have always updated them of my address.
  14. Thanks - the letter I received today is actually titled 'Re: Pre Action Protocol Letter' which suggests they have previously sent a pap? which they haven't. Should I treat this letter as the pap and reply accordingly?
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