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  1. After 15 months since receiving a Letter Of Claim and responding wit one of Ericsbrother’s letters I have received a second one today. Can they just keep sending these things out and I just now ignore them as I have responded to the first letter?
  2. OK, though it was me the driver that left the site, my son went into a shop. I take it I just amend that.
  3. I have just received a “Letter of Claim” from BW Legal. Any help much appreciated on how best to deal with this.
  4. My plan is to do exactly that. What does a letter before claim look like, does it state it is one?
  5. I got this a couple of months ago and ignored it. It looks cheap as and is "signed" Gladstones Solicitors, doesn't look like the type of letter a solicitor would send out. I was wondering is this thing in breach of GDPR in any way? I take it I did the correct thing by ignoring it? Cheers gladstone letter.pdf
  6. Just received this from Zenist Collections. Same as before just sit tight and ignore? convert-jpg-to-pdf.net_2018-06-11_18-48-27 R.pdf
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