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  1. just received claim forms heading county court business centre northampton total now £243.14 with court and legal represenatives fees
  2. can i add make sure your client attends court in person as i want to meet him face to face
  3. details as stated by ericsbrother and gick will be posted tomorrow 1st class signed for do i need to add any other details
  4. dragonfly1967 suggests sending letter and writing in crayon should i i wont email or phone thanks ericsbrother
  5. thanks again can you explain your sentence just write out the above in the first person and what is meant by 18pt characters can i send letter by email
  6. thanks ericsbrother for reply, is there any chance of you writing this letter so i can copy in my hand writing and send to gladstones, would appreciate thanks
  7. thanks have i a good case to win also i made another donation yesterday by paypal
  8. received letter today for £ 160 from gladstones solicitors giving me 30 days to pay i have just made a donation
  9. thanks for all your help and advice wishing you a happy and prosperous 2018
  10. im not sure how to take your last message dx100uk is it a shame for me or the es parking co im presuming because of the delayed post
  11. yesterday the 29th of december i received a demand from es parking enforcement for £125 the letter obviously got delayed in the xmas post it was dated 14th december i had 14 days from this date to pay
  12. thanks for all your advice i have not received a letter yet , perhaps due to the xmas period , when i do get one shall i open it and reply would it be possible for you to write my reply so i can copy and send , it would seem more professional, or shall i just write one myself or should i just not open the letter and ignore making out i have not received it i wish you all a happy and prosperous 2018, i may have to make a trip to blackpools court or can i ask to go to a court local to myself thanks all
  13. i was due to pay £100 by today i await a summons or letter from es enforcement thanks all for your advice
  14. thanks ericsbrother i know i cannot show you which bay i was parked in , but if you study the white lines they are approx a foot or so from the wall , i didnt park up to the wall as previously caught my front bumper i parked up to the end of the white line , so by this my car was probably sticking out the back of the bay, i was also governed by a wall on my drivers side if this should not be on here please delete rossalyn thanks to all again
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