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  1. that will teach me to listen to other people. So my friends mum was wrong my local phone repair shop said always have 'goodies' delivered by postnl because tax wont usually be added? Will show mum this when shes up to show her that it wasnt actually my mistake hopefully she wont send it back! Thankyou
  2. Hello does that charge stand for items for eu, Switzerland?
  3. Thankyou for that. Post was free on the package and value was $21.94. Found this earlier. Does anyone think there is any truth "The actual law is The Postal Act of 2000 sections 83, 84 and 104 - "it is 'illegal' for a courier to hold a parcel in lien of payment"? there is also some talk of contracts, service on behalf of a customer when it wasnt requested and some other stuff I dont understand.
  4. Or avoiding £8 handling charge from rm? My mum and dad gave me some money for my birthday and I went about buying a new phone through mums card. Decided on a Redmi from banggood and all was well. My friends mum told me that I should ask for the parcel to be sent via swiss post which I did. So I come home from school today and my mum has a right face on her like dragging on the floor kind of thing and whats happened is shes had a notice through the door asking for and extra 11.42 for charges £8 for rm and 3.42 for tax? dad said i cant do nowt about the tax but maybe with rm cha
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