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  1. Hi All thank you for your replies, I'm very new to all this and your help is appreciated. Can DCA apply to take you to court for the money?
  2. Hi Thanks everyone for your help, I will take your advice. I can block the calls on my moby and the LL I just ignore. I had a really srange text this morning from someone calling themselves WMD asking me to ring with regards to 'some business I have with them"? I googled it and they seem to be a DCA so I guess it all starts here? What powers do DCA have I am really quite concerned and very scared, I have always been a normal law abiding person.
  3. Thank you again and I am sorry to keep asking things, so are you saying I shouldn't offer to pay the CC companies anything? Are you suggesting I send one to BC now because they are unlikely to have it as it's so old? Is it not a bit cheeky of me considering I do owe them money?
  4. Ok Andy I will do, what do I do about the rest of them? I hope in a month or two I should be in a position to offer payments but it is not going to be anything like what they want - maybe £20 each is all I will be able to afford?
  5. Asda (creation) phone and text daily interest is still being added. I haven't spoken to them just letters sent. Halifax phone and leave automated voicemail interest is still being added its like I've never written to them? They have not acknowledged one letter. Virgin again never acknowledged receipt of any letters and still applying interest. The others have all suspended interest charges
  6. Is DCA debt collecting agencies, if so then no they are all still with the credit card companies at the moment.
  7. Hi Andy I re posted this as I missed your reply, sorry. Here are the list of cards and balances: Barclaycard - £12,217 last paid March 2017 taken out in the 1990's Asda (creation) - £9,542 last paid April 2017 taken out pre 2010 (guess) Halifax - £3,957 last paid March 2017 taken out 2014 MBNA - £6.995 last paid April 2017 taken out 2014 Santander - £2,992 last paid April 2017 taken out 2013 Santander fixed term loan £1,790 left last paid April 2017 taken out 2013 Virgin - £607 last paid April 2017 taken out pre 2010 Putting it all down seems horre
  8. Hi In April this year I left my job due to bullying in the workplace and relocated to be nearer my family. As I didn't have a job to go to I wrote to all my credit card companies and explained that I would be unemployed for a period of time and wouldn't be able to make my minimum repayments. Different companies have dealt with me in different ways from continued harassment to being fairly understanding! I have always been employed and in have never missed a payment of any sort. I have now found work but unfortunately I no longer work in a city and the wages are no where near wh
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