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  1. Hi. Thanks for the information - much appreciated. Before I start compiling my letter, would you be able to give me the following guidance please: 1. Should I being putting this new information back to the FOS or to HSBC? FOS were looking for an unbroken chain of responsibility of all 3 parties involved. Do you think the information you gave me would suffice in demonstrating a chain between Hamilton/Aviva and EPF? Or are you aware of any link between Hamilton/Aviva, EPF & CT Trust? I have looked previously and cannot find any link between
  2. Hi, I've attached, application, agreement, welcome letter, t&cs for ppi, loan statement & closing statement. Noticed on the loan statement, it shows borrowed amount & ppi No, but has been added to loan. If you need anything else, let me know. Thanks SKM_C224e20042714140.pdf
  3. Hi the boxes, I assume, must have been ticked by Endeavour. In 2003 I applied through Debtbuster loans who are also known as Central Capital, Central Trust & independent finance corporation. I have got mountains of paperwork to all parties I have pursued - Central Trust, EPF, HSBC, Hamilton, Aviva and also been to the FOS. Do you want me to upload all my correspondences to all parties?
  4. Hi, I've attached my application and agreement. On application it shows that single cover with life has been selected, however on agreement the box ticked includes life, accident, sickness & unemployment. Does this look like a discrepancy? Also, has anyone had a chance to look at my response from Aviva above? SKM_C224e20042317040.pdf
  5. Hi I sent your response off and got the following reply (attached). Where do I go from here? Thanks aviva reply.pdf
  6. OK. They mention PPI in the first paragraph though? I didn’t include the next paragraph which is “This stance falls in line with the FCA’s most recent statement which set out their view on the impact of the Plevin - paragon finance ltd case & how firms should handle complaints relating to the amount of commission the lender received.” So are they addressing both PPI & plevin? Last paragraph would suggest that it’s plevin but first looks like PPI?
  7. So, after several months, got response back from Aviva. "We confirm that Aviva is not responsible for investigating sale of PPI. This is because policy was arranged & sold by EPF. They were therefore acting as your agent in this matter; there was no agency agreement between Aviva & this firm so Aviva cannot accept responsibility for any advice that they might have given. HSBC are responsible for investigating these complaints, so I have sent them your details and have asked them to contact you. Although Hamiton Life, now part of the Aviv
  8. Sorry. I submitted a new ppi complaint form to Hamilton Insurance - it was when FOS got involved, their subject heading was Aviva Insurance (trading as Hamilton Insurance company ltd). I'll do that today - do I need to put my points down for mis-selling?
  9. Hi Gone through the mountains of paperwork I have on this. I complained to Hamilton Insurance by letter and attached completed PPI questionnaire on 25.09.12. Response back from Endeavour 10.10.12 syaing to contact Central Capital re mis-selling. Sent another letter to Hamilton on 22 Feb, with reference to my earlier letter - another response back from EPF 06.03.13 saying to contact Central Capital. 22.03.13 - As no satisfactory response I then sent my complaint to FOS. Final response from FOS on 09.10.13 saying they could not take my complain
  10. I have a thank you letter from Independent Finance and summarising loan amount, term & insurance, which is all on unregulated credit agreement by EPF.
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