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  1. Sorry. I submitted a new ppi complaint form to Hamilton Insurance - it was when FOS got involved, their subject heading was Aviva Insurance (trading as Hamilton Insurance company ltd). I'll do that today - do I need to put my points down for mis-selling?
  2. Hi Gone through the mountains of paperwork I have on this. I complained to Hamilton Insurance by letter and attached completed PPI questionnaire on 25.09.12. Response back from Endeavour 10.10.12 syaing to contact Central Capital re mis-selling. Sent another letter to Hamilton on 22 Feb, with reference to my earlier letter - another response back from EPF 06.03.13 saying to contact Central Capital. 22.03.13 - As no satisfactory response I then sent my complaint to FOS. Final response from FOS on 09.10.13 saying they could not take my complaint further. So where do I go from here? Do I complaint to HSBC again about the single premium being added against my knowledge? On agreement there are options for monthly/single premium. If i'd known there was a monthly option I would have gone for it. Surely HSBC have a duty of care to their customers and should not have being using unregulated brokers at the time?
  3. Hi Don't have facility to pdf right now. But this is reply from FOS: "Overall, based on the evidence I have seen, it is my view that: We cannot look at the complaint against the seller Central Capital as it was not covered by us, or any of the previous schemes that we took over from, for the sale of ppi We cannot look at the complaint against the lender (EPF) as the seller was not acting as its agent and in any event it was not covered by us, or any of the previous schemes that we took over from, for the sale of the PPI. We cannot look at the complaint against the insurer as we have been unable to establish an unbroken chain of responsibility between the 3 parties involved". However, tonight I have discovered something. On the application it shows total value of loan and only mentions type of insurance chosen - no value. On the agreement, however it has the value of the loan, single premium of PPi and then the total of both. What I have not noticed before is that in the agreement there is a tick box for single premium and also monthly premium! I was certainly not made aware of this option and looks as it EPF have added the single premium to the loan without my permission. I was not made aware of the single premium paid up front until the agreement came through.
  4. I have a thank you letter from Independent Finance and summarising loan amount, term & insurance, which is all on unregulated credit agreement by EPF.
  5. Will double check their letter but looking for a link to broker which I can’t find anything.
  6. Hi, took a loan out with central trust in Dec 2003, who were not regulated at the time. Insurer was Hamilton, lender was Endeavour Personal Finance. I’ve being pursuing this debt for 10 years to all of the parties involved, as definite mis-selling but just not regulated at point of sale. FOS couldn’t go any further unless there was an unbroken chain between all 3 parties, which I cannot find. As deadline approaches, I would like to try one last time. Has anyone got any ideas or different avenues to go down or am I just doomed?
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