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  1. the judge asked me about travel and parking costs and loss of earnings which we sorted.. i didnt know i was able to claim for unreasonable conduct of the claimant, am i still able to, and is it worth still claiming and how much would i be able to claim.. BIG THANK YOU to everyone that has helped on here, i wouldnt of known what to write or do... you lot are good people and what you do is appreciated!
  2. "one thing you need to do is ask for the other side's representative what their SRA roll number is because if they are not a solicitor or dont work for PPM they are not allowed to speak." you also said this, how ill i confirm this by there SRA roll number that they work for ppm or are a solicitor?
  3. ok so just some answers im revising if they get asked and im assuming these qs will most likely get asked please feel free to add any other qs and responses that could be possinble. Q) were you the driver at the time of the vehicle? A) the parking company have not created a keeper liability therefore i am not going to name the driver at the time. Q) your vehicle was parked on the premises where the signage applied and conditions were not met which is why this PCN was given A) no contract was taken out or agreed too, the defendants vehicles was present for less than 5 minutes,Th
  4. so what if the judge turns around and says did you park there and why did you park there knowing the terms that were on the signage..do i just say " there was no contract taken out, Further to this the claim fails to identify how the claimant has a cause for action against the defendant as they say EITHER keeper or driver. These are not the same and as PPM do not rely on the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 to create a keeper liability the defendant asks for proof as to who was the driver at the time of the event. what if the judge just asks straight outright if it was me..
  5. @shamrocker oh really! how is the layout of this case in court. . judge at the front me then their solicitor on the right or left side? so when the judge asks me, all i have to do is refer to the points i have in my written statement just read that out. . will they ask questinos like, were you the driver of the vehicle? did you park there? in which i guess i would just have to say, i did not enter into any contractual agreement to pay any charge? will it be a full on conversation or just relaying points to the judge. i will post up the skeleton vers
  6. sorry i just read it properly and was a stupid mistake in regard to PE. i do need to read up more on this and i will definitely understand it and be more prepared before the day of court im not too good with this stuff but not any excuse. This is the witness statement of xxxx I am the defendant in the case of PPM v xxxxx claim refxxxxxx" 1)it is denied that any monies are owed by the defendant to the claimant. 2) the claimant's particulars of claim and witness statement are too vague to determine what is being claimed as far as the event goes and in what capacity the defendant
  7. It is difficult to judge where these signs were, I know things have chaged between then and now but draw a map. and show the netrance and where the signs were/are. No need to post this up, will progresson assumption that they are all the same and none on a defined entrance to the site. It will be difficult to write your witness statemnt for you as there is much about this that we dont know but I will give you a few bullet points to include. You must print off the reference material though, a couple of bits from the Parking Pransters blog to help you from July this year. So start off by say
  8. before i post up my WS the attached picture of the site.. is literally it. .. there is a main road and as you turn into a side road mainly residential houses on the right as you turn in was what used to be iceland and that picture is the car park! there is not entrance or anything its just a pavement then that area outside of that building. from the one picture there was about 3/4 of those signage on the building 2 i believe you can see in the picture not very clear, but same way it is on the wall it was the same but too the left and one on far right
  9. this is the sign and the site, there were more signs to the left of the site which you cant see in the picture. but placed on the wall as seen on the site there is an office oppisite that site a different company which PPM had signs for but different building so i guess thats nothing to worry or include.... sign.pdf site.pdf
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