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  1. Good luck with getting your cars done. This guy is a full on con man. Comes across as your pal, takes your money and spends it on other things. Maybe sometimes keeping the business afloat or on debts I don't know. What I do know is I don't have a Porsche or motorbike....just a mini in bits. The guy has rhino skin.. . I'm pretty sure all of his customers have been less then cordial with him about getting work done that they have paid for. Tails of woe are probably valid however that's life we all have toes of woe, you took the money and personal life shouldn't affect it. It's a shame because when he first turned up in the area I really wanted him to succeed but it became very clear after a couple of years what he was about. My guess is going forward he will keep taking the out of you all and probably wind the company up when the heat gets too much and reopen doing the same thing all over again. My suggestion would be to get your card back cut your losses and just try and warn people what's really going on. And I have regularly gone down there tried being kind, tried the shouty route, tried incentives with sharing profit on the car and nothing. From what I gather I'm not the only one doing this. Probably why no work gets done because they are dealing with angry customers all day. I feel sorry for his staff. They used to look like happy lads now they just look worn out! I'd put my mortgage on it that he feeds them the same and doesn't pay them properly. In summary if you're reading this and thinking of having work done by him....DONT. Don't be lulled by his quote, don't be lulled about promised turn around time, don't be convinced that He isg oing to do the work when deadlines pass and he says 'I will sort it' because he won't.
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