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  1. yes all ready sent in claim for lost item but not heard anything yet
  2. No sorry it doesn't show the weights , this is the reply I had from Parcel2go Thank you for your email and apologies for the late reply. Hermes have installed digital weight machines in each depot and once an item is taken to the collection depot, it may be scanned as part of the secure delivery process. The machines used are very accurate and with the tens of thousands of parcels scanned daily, have an error margin less than 0.01%. The Hermes service can accept parcels up to 15kg, but the price paid for a 2kg parcel would not be the same price that you pay for a 15kg parcel and prices are based upon the weight and dimensions of your item. Hermes charge on a kg to kg basis, so 0.0kg to 1kg would be charged at the 1kg rate, 1.1kg to 2kg charged at the 2kg rate. Should you wish to dispute this charge, please can you request the receiver provide photos of the goods in packaging on a set of scales displaying the weight. I replied Thanks for your reply, I guess mine must have been one of the 0.01% that was mis weighed as according to my scales a t shirt does not weigh 1.5 kg I paid £2.94 for it to be delivered thats the correct payment for a 250g T shirt. Nobody would ask the receiver to provide photos of the goods in packaging on a set of scales displaying the weight. I guess I will have to change delivery partner I won't use them again I will go direct , I just dont want any hassle with them. In the end I could just pay the £5 but I dont see why Thanks
  3. Hi All I decided to clear out a few things by selling them on Ebay , ive sent about 12 parcels using Parcel2go via Hermes. out of the 12 they have lost one and on 2 others Parcel2go want surcharges for 1, a t-shirt weighing 250 gramms, but according to Hermes weighed 1.5 kilo and another Hermes say I stated I input the weight as 0.00 but thats not possible on the website as it gives you a message saying its an invalid weight, who is ripping who off Parcel2go or Hermes. I owe about £5 when ive all ready paid the full price to send 2 parcels according to Parcel2go. I take it I can ignore Parcel2go and just not use them again. Thanks
  4. https://uk.jbl.com/home?gclid=CjwKCAjwjuqDBhAGEiwAdX2cj3HTAxmZxArED-LSJbzK3MKeE_edAlChh54PQ3QNrEwJF31qQ-cDjRoCpocQAvD_BwE
  5. Hi All I bought a Jbl soundbar and had problems within warranty but nothing really happened about repair ( my issue ) but when it failed completely after the warranty had ran out I contacted JBL again who sent it to their repair agent who has diagnosed it needs replacing so they have sent a new updated model. Its so nice to see a company looking after its customers. Thank you JBL
  6. So we've had 3 visits, 1st visit pump changed 2nd visit engineer ordered a new pipe and control module , 3rd visit the the engineer was going to replace the pipe but the wrong one was ordered , control module not changed as the engineer reckons it was the pipe I'm getting rather fed up now.
  7. Bosch is coming out and if they cant fix it next time they will replace.
  8. Bought online from John Lewis £299 March 2019 , 2 year guarantee. Faulty January 2021 JL advised to go to Bosch for repair. Bosch came out and replaced the pump under warranty Jan 2021 . Used the machine that night and the fault still exists. Do I have to keep having a repair or can I get a refund or replacement. Thanks
  9. Bosch tumble dryer within 2 year warranty ,faulty; on dryer as container led on and dryer stopping , what can I do ? can I ask for a refund after a manufacturer repair has failed. Dryer is in 2 year John Lewis warranty. thanks
  10. mine powers off in then middle of a programme whilst watching tv
  11. original one was bought January 2020 replaced July 2020, purchased online via BT Shop
  12. Hi Slick132 Its doing it most night whilst watching tv, just powers off and comes back on ok when the power button pressed. The first issue was a known problem with muting and usually a software update fixes it but it did not with my first unit I sent it back and received this repalcement, it didn't fix my muting issues now I put up with it but the last 2 weeks its powering itself off
  13. HI All I have a JBL 2.0 all in one sounder that's powering itself off, so I will ring the support team however this is the second one I had as the first was replaced under warranty as faulty. My question is the replacement is now 3 months old and faulty can I ask for a refund as there is a new model. out now and unless they can send me the latest I dont want the same again.
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