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  1. mine powers off in then middle of a programme whilst watching tv
  2. original one was bought January 2020 replaced July 2020, purchased online via BT Shop
  3. Hi Slick132 Its doing it most night whilst watching tv, just powers off and comes back on ok when the power button pressed. The first issue was a known problem with muting and usually a software update fixes it but it did not with my first unit I sent it back and received this repalcement, it didn't fix my muting issues now I put up with it but the last 2 weeks its powering itself off
  4. HI All I have a JBL 2.0 all in one sounder that's powering itself off, so I will ring the support team however this is the second one I had as the first was replaced under warranty as faulty. My question is the replacement is now 3 months old and faulty can I ask for a refund as there is a new model. out now and unless they can send me the latest I dont want the same again.
  5. Hi I had 3 x 12 month sim accounts from 3 and on month 7 I had on my app the notice I could cancel for £8 the price of my monthly account . As my coverage was poor out of the city centre I wanted to move away so cancelled 3 accounts to move to BT Mobile who use EE £11 for 24GB and unlimited etc, three then sent letters saying they wanted £120 for early termination charges I told them about their app saying £8 each charges for cancelling. They firstly said ok no further charges , all waived, but sent letters threatening court cases from non paym
  6. Hi All Anyway I went and bought a new 2019 MacBook Air, my mistake as I should have gone to Apple as they do a free repair under CRA for 6 years. I took £200 off John Lewis for compensation towards the new one that's why I bought another from JL sent old one off for repair to a competent business who fixed it same day for £150 it was a capacitor that had failed so it needed fixing properly not a new board and psu
  7. All sorted accepted £200 towards a new MacBook Air. I will get it back next week then send it off for repair, John Lewis wanted £500+ for repair I cn get it done for £160
  8. Been told repair cost is back but I’m waiting to hear what’s happening, he did say the manager in the shop put down they will contribute 50% if it’s under £200 but I don’t know what the problem is yet, what happens if it’s more than £200 ?
  9. It’s with John Lewis repair service I am waiting for report from them first to see what they will do. If no positive response it looks like post 8 thanks all
  10. Tried a separate psu from a friend, orange light comes on the connector that plugs into the Mac but never charges, no response at all from MAC not even fan going
  11. Not a £400 laptop but a £1000 apple macbook not been snobbish but worth the extra money (usually)
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