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  1. Hi All Anyway I went and bought a new 2019 MacBook Air, my mistake as I should have gone to Apple as they do a free repair under CRA for 6 years. I took £200 off John Lewis for compensation towards the new one that's why I bought another from JL sent old one off for repair to a competent business who fixed it same day for £150 it was a capacitor that had failed so it needed fixing properly not a new board and psu
  2. All sorted accepted £200 towards a new MacBook Air. I will get it back next week then send it off for repair, John Lewis wanted £500+ for repair I cn get it done for £160
  3. Been told repair cost is back but I’m waiting to hear what’s happening, he did say the manager in the shop put down they will contribute 50% if it’s under £200 but I don’t know what the problem is yet, what happens if it’s more than £200 ?
  4. It’s with John Lewis repair service I am waiting for report from them first to see what they will do. If no positive response it looks like post 8 thanks all
  5. Tried a separate psu from a friend, orange light comes on the connector that plugs into the Mac but never charges, no response at all from MAC not even fan going
  6. Not a £400 laptop but a £1000 apple macbook not been snobbish but worth the extra money (usually)
  7. I had a cheque for £1.10 from O2 today as repayment of an overpayment from 2013 out on the town tonight on it LOL
  8. Which bit do I need please and what do I do if they say no repair or want me to pay or contribute thank you
  9. Hi all my MacBook Air is dead after 4 years cost £1000, bought from John Lewis, so I took it back and asked for it to be repaired under sales of goods act 1979 but they Shaun it’s out of warranty both online to customer services and Instore. So I explained soga to manager who still said no. So I gave them a letter saying it’s breech of contract as not satisfactory quality etc under soga I want it repaired. Anyway 2 hours later the manager rang back saying they will send it off to see what’s wrong ie no misuse or liquid damage then they will have a conversation with me, my question is am I entitled to repair or replacement at no cost to myself or do I need to pay anything. What is the next thing I do and what do you reckon John Lewis is will do ? thanks
  10. Bought a Philips Hue bulb £39 from John lewis for daughters bedroom and when I tried to set it up it didn't recognise the bulb after talking to Philips I realised its not a Philips bulb but a normal Led bulb Took it back to John Lewis not knowing if they thought I was ripping them off and they checked the stock on the shelf and they were not proper Philips bulbs either. Phew ...... Anyway they checked the double bulb boxes and they was ok and gave me one of these. Tbh I have never had anything but great customer service from JL my tv that broke last year under 5 year guarantee was dealt with to my satisfaction and bought another tv from them that was better. Well done JL
  11. you also asked this on honest John why ........
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