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  1. Bought a Philips Hue bulb £39 from John lewis for daughters bedroom and when I tried to set it up it didn't recognise the bulb after talking to Philips I realised its not a Philips bulb but a normal Led bulb Took it back to John Lewis not knowing if they thought I was ripping them off and they checked the stock on the shelf and they were not proper Philips bulbs either. Phew ...... Anyway they checked the double bulb boxes and they was ok and gave me one of these. Tbh I have never had anything but great customer service from JL my tv that broke last year under 5 year guarantee was dealt with to my satisfaction and bought another tv from them that was better. Well done JL
  2. you also asked this on honest John why ........
  3. TBH I wouldn't deal with either of them.........
  4. Letter to chair of governors required i think
  5. Do they not have to say what speed you will get first then dispute thats its slow, your cottage could be in the middle of nowhere. What speed did your supplier say you would get
  6. If a financial contract involved can you not raise a complaint with the FSA as i believe it costs them £500 to reply to complaint. They might then start training there staff instead of stitching you up for the best profit every time.
  7. I used use Specsavers but we had to go to a different optician for a 2nd opinion and found his company so much better than Specsavers who are the production line company of opticians so we all use him now , i was never really happy with Specsavers any way
  8. Most of the call centre people front line have moved back to the UK so there shouldn't be a language problem. They are not trained to be aggressive they knows its BT Openreach property they will advise of a possible charge if its your equipment thats faulty but that ok as you should check before they come out. All calls are recorded so i would ring up and make a complaint as the person who was aggressive and didn't know there job needs further training
  9. i had the same thing a couple of years ago but the insurance company screwed me with the cost of a policy whilst unoccupied
  10. Yes we had one these safes cost about £45 ish to put bit of cash in plus things like ticket , passports etc in, my son came in ne night and said he can get in i 4 seconds and did the thing on you tube and got in straight away, binned it and bought a proper one £250 bolted to the floor, bigger so i can out more papers ,photos in etc bin the small one waste of time, i see places like homebase are still selling them
  11. I hate D&G had many contracts with them and are a waste of time all ways come up with an excuse not to repair the problem
  12. Well done Richer Sounds, i was offered a replacement but as they dont sell the tv we had anymore we have swapped it for a better spec for £21 more from Richer Sounds. One happy customer Thanks John and Tim at Richer Sounds
  13. Hi Thanks for answering, because its my son who uses it we didnt realise it was faulty until about it was 2 months old , we went to Richer sounds and they said because was more than 30 days they wouldn't replace it, so we went to Sony who took 3 months of troubleshooting and messing me about before they had an engineer to look at it who then changed the main processor board but its still the same 2 months later, we have rang Sony again and they want to start going though the troubleshooting again. the faults are Netflix doesn't work turns on by itself Very slow - TV takes a long time to catch up with itself, if you are watching a program and want the tv guide, it takes ages to catch up and display it, then another 10/15 seconds until you can browse the TV guide. - Turning the TV off - Every now and again (1 in 4 times probably) when you turn the TV off, the program and screen will turn off but the volume continues play in the background for 15 seconds or so. - When you go to turn the TV off, sometimes it can take 20/30 seconds for it to do it (Not the remote batteries etc as i have checked) - Channels - I have tested the ariel with another TV which when it scans it finds all the channels, on the Sony one it doesn't, it only shows around half. Have to re scan all the time. - TV crashes and you have to turn on and off a lot. - Often forgets the network connection and you have to re do it.
  14. I bought a Sony tv kdl43w755c roughly 12 months ago and have had faults on it since i bought it. I bought it for my son but as he works away sometimes we didn't realise it was faulty until after the time Richer Sounds would replace it. Since then we have been in the hands of Sony, who unfortunately have been poor at resolving the issue and to be honest poor customer service as i had to get Richer sounds customer service team involved to get them out to repair it. We have spent about 5 hours on the phone doing troubleshooting to look into the issue and eventually they had a repair engineer out to replace the main processor board but this has not resolved the issues we are having. Once again Sony want to start the process again and to be honest i cannot go through this again. I have spoken to Richer sounds customer service team and they also want us to do it again however i have been informed that under the CRA the repair agent has one attempt to repair the problem then if still faulty i can ask for a refund or replacement I am a loyal customer and advocate of Richer Sounds and to be fair the customer service from your staff has all ways been very good. I have seen the email address for John Clayton of Richer Sounds and sent him this email as well am i right in thinking we are entitled a refund or credit note hoping Richer sounds come through
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