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  1. I asked for the related paper work and they couldn’t produce it. According to them, last payment was July 2011
  2. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/401359-erudiodrydens-claimform-old-student-loan/#comments old thread from 2017 - I received a letter from Drydens today saying that they have been advised by the client to contact the court to lift the stay - is this likely just a tactic?
  3. I did sign, though I did then get a request to complete my payment details to 'conform your booking' which I didn't get round to doing. Cancellation is 2 months at end of agreement period. I guess because I contacted them a few months before it was due to start and hadn't heard anything when the lease was due to start I thought it was all sorted.
  4. Does anyone have any experience with Regus and/ or CCI? I signed up to lease some office space in July 2016 due to start Jan 2017, prior to the lease starting I contacted Regus to say that due to a change in circumstances I no longer needed the office space. I heard nothing in January so assumed it was all sorted until Someone contacted me in June 2017 about payment, I explained this to her and she said that she would pass the information on. I heard no more until this morning when I received an email from CCI requesting a large amount of money. My husband thinks I should call CCI and explain but I’m not so sure.
  5. Thanks again Dx100uk To clarify (and so that I avoid this happening again), should I send a CCA request to everyone that I am making payments to only or even those that I haven't heard from for years? If I move house, I would notify everyone immediately, even if SB?
  6. I won't fall for it again! I have moved since taking it out and couldn't track down who owned the debt as at that point Egg was no longer operating. I thought I was paying but these were being returned and I figured I would hear from them if there was a problem. I haven't heard anything until now so in short, I didn't inform them but they do have my address now. If they got a CCJ this would show on my file wouldn't it?
  7. I know Dx But I genuinely thought it was an error. It could come back on if they manage to get a CCJ though couldn't it?
  8. Hi I had a letter a couple of months back from Robinson Way regarding a Barclaycard account. I have never had a Barclaycard called them immediately and they told me that it was an egg card. I did have an Egg card several years back and this went in to a DMP but then the DMP Company went in to liquidation and hadn't been paying. I did make payments hug these were returned 'suspense' so didn't make it to the right person. I have checked my Experian and this account has dropped off my file. I don't know if it would be considered SB. How would I find this information out? They have written to me this week offering a 50% discount and then today offering 10 days to contact them before they start litigation proceedings. I cannot afford any negative points on my credit report at the moment so am not sure how to proceed. What would you advise?
  9. I have had the same! I called them when I received the first one and they said that it's actually an Egg card. I had a payment set up for this one but it returned each month and I could never figure out who had it.
  10. It's thanks to everyone here, thanks so much. Particularly Andy and DX100 who have been helpful and patient throughout with my endless questions
  11. Ok thanks. No, this is the first time that I have been in this position so haven't asked before
  12. I have checked MCOL and it just states 'your defence was received on 13/04/17' and nothing more, would it indicate here if it was stayed?
  13. I haven't heard anything about this since sending my defence. Is there anything that I should be doing?
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